Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alone with God

Sitting here on a high mountain al alone. Thats what I thought I was until moments ago when I realized the alone was so thick it became so silent that I could hear that God was near to me.

The mountain is still. Only the sound of distant cars and a single bird singing God's praises beside of me.

I cant help but sit here in the silence and reflect upon the past few days and how hard they have been. I cant help but to think of the lonliness of the world without others in it.

To feel loved or to know the touch of anothers hand is such a wonderful thing.

But there are moments in life like these. Here alone and still sitting on a rock atop a high mountain overlooking God's creation when I am thankful and joyous and like the little bird next to me I feel a need to sing out praise to God.

I dont think I am going to find the geocache I came in search of. But its ok. When I left home this morning I was searching for something and at this moment with the wind blowing gently against my face and a sense of peace about me I realize that I missed the cache but I found what I was looking for.

Im gonna climb down now. Smiling even without my smiley.

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