Sunday, February 28, 2010

CKC Big Buys from Louisville Ky this week :)

Where do I even begin with all the wonderful finds from CKC Louisville ? It was on my 40th birthday. Feb 26th-28th at the Convention center in Louisville Ky. And since I realized that while I was drivers liscense expired and I am gonna have to go take the darn drivers was a nice
little weekend get a way and Kelly and I had a ball !!!
 There are so many things I want to share. Maybe I will post a few of my favorites and put pics of it all in my sidebar and if you want to see them you can peek into the photos on the side bar in the next few days I will get them up in a file there.

(me getting into the photo)

(my partner in crime...Kelly )

(me with my beautiful little quilt pillow from the flea market)

(these super cool old bingo cards came from the flea market & we got lots of them for .50 cents from a guy who just didnt know that the scrcapbook stores sell us these things for 1.00 or more each) hehe

(I got these bottles caps and there was 46 in the bottle. I shared with Kelly and I only had to give the guy at the flea market booth my "fake"phone number to get these super cool deals...hehe)

Did you notice the one there in the center with the flower on it. That is a rub on I added to the top of it. I thought it would be so cool to decorate them to match the pages instead of just using the limited store bought versions that you get at scrapbook stores. We had bought a pack the day before at the scrapbook convention that had 6 on it and they were like two bucks for 6 lids and they were limited to what was already on them. Love this idea !
Did you notice the three clock faces. They were from old watches that had fallen off in the bottom of the guys boxes and we got several each for use on pages. A big ole snot dot on the back and these are gonna be great. The keys were the flat ones and we just dug thru bucket loads of them to get these. What a great find :) Dont you just love it all. I think Kelly and I both are forever addicted to flea markets now.

These little locks from old furniture are so super cute. Tim Holtz sells some like this I think and they are very wonderful but a little expensive. Ya'll know I am a Tim Holtz nut...but I had to have these they were so cheap !!!! I got this little batch from the bottom of a junk box that me and Kelly dug thru
and I love love love them !

We go overboard every year when we get close to this booth...shew...but they are so darn cheap here compared to home so we end up buying extras...hehe  It doesnt hurt that this booth is the very first booth as you walk in the door. At that point we are usually on such a high from the sight of it all that we are jumping to make a both said later...gosh...we went crazy at the bling booth. (lol)

Here we found stickles and since that was like on top of our list...we went was buy five get one free so we did ! (twice) I am in love with the green one there second from the right !
I love it So much that I got two !
More bling...I told you I couldnt help was 1.00 each so I just had to get one of each color

At the flea market we found lots of little pieces of paper with different things on them like this stack of pillsbury cards we got for .50 cents.

(more pics of my lids, clocks and keys)

This stack of little quilt pieces were from a lady we met there who I loved. She gave me an old quilt before I left and I just fell in love with her. I invited her to come stay with us at the bed & breakfast as soon as we are up and going again. I hope she comes. I really liked her. She had the greatest ideas about quilts and I will post pics of her as soon as I get the photo from Kelly that she took of me with her. She had wonderful little quilts and purses and pillows and I just loved her ! Her name was Joyce.
I have a super duper plan for these...I will share so pretty !

I took this photo of Kelly while she was taking a photo of me. When you scrapbook you learn to get pics of yourself in odd ways...hehe  I love this pic of Kelly.

And here is the one of me :)

So my very very favorite thing I bought this weekend is this little stack of wood trees. I got several because I am in love with trees right now. Just think of all the things you could use to make the top part. I have just laid a few of the items I found at the flea market on top of them so you can see the idea of what I am gonna do with them. I will post where they came from in a day or so because I know if you havent seen these your gonna want some. I love love them !!!!!
I got these coins off an old braclet that I got for 2.00 and Im gonna use them to make a tree.

(wont it be cute !)

OMG I love these trees !!!!!

On this one I am gonna put one of the old doillies that we got from the quilt lady. (Joyce)

I got lots of little things. Too much to list it all tonight but as I use it I will share it with you all. Notice I did get thickers...we found some for 1.25 a pack but they only had a few of those because they had sold em all before we found them. But we found some along the drive at a few big lots as well for 2.00 a pack.

Some more things from the flea market and the cutest little bird die cut ! Kelly got an owl one that I am so jealous of. I gotta order one of them. I know she will share with me too :)

I love these strips of bling. They were 1.00 each. Love em !

Love all the little butterflies :)

(us goofing in the mirror)

Okay I just cant share it all tonight. Lol. It was alot of fun and I love all the stuff. I will make a video this week of it all for youtube so you can see it all as I get it out.

Thankful for my goodies and for my trip and for Kelly who is almost as crazy about scrapbooking as me.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Progress was made today on the fire cleanup :)

Awwww....I was cleaning some of the things on my huge list of things to clean from the fire...and ran across this little bunny that I had made 21 years ago to hold the outift that I brought my son, Aaron home from the hospital in. I sewed the bunny from a pattern and the little cap is the one that Pikeville Methodist Hospital put on him the moment he was born to keep his little head warm. The little sailors outfit is what I brought him home from the hospital in and the two pair of glasses are the first two pair that he ever wore. No..the second and third...he lost the first pair...hehe...but the little bunny sets on top of a cabinet with a collection of ole lanterns and I dont get to really see it often. So when I got it down to clean today it made me smile. I am gonna do a scrapbook page of this because God forbid we ever lost the whole house and not just the this is one of those things I would miss after. Im so thankful that it is okay.

So I am gonna put up some photos of the progress on the Linkous House from the past few days. Its amazing to watch how fast it seems in the photos when the time seems to be stuck during the days when I am actually working on

This is the kitchen at the beginning of thursday morning 2/25/2010

and this is the end of the day 2/25/2010

okay so this is the primer in this blue-ish color....but I sorta wish I had painted this tomorrow it is gonna look super scary....hehe...because the paint is going to be like RED ! But the cabinets will cover almost every wall surface and just a little red will show later so when I post the photos of it RED...remember that It wont be as bad when all those white cabinets go in :)

Filthy...dirty...nasty me :) I think I may never be clean again from all the work and fire soot

the dining room with the work going on still

(the front living room with work going on)

This is the front sunroom this morning before the work began and during the installation of some vinyl

(this is the truck load of clothes that the cleaning company delivered back to us today that I am dreading so badly having to carry to the third floor ) oh and they are stacked in the sunroom that I had just emptied )

(the wonderful painters)

(my birthday flowers from my Aunt Linda and Uncle Rich in Chicago that came in the middle of the mess) Thanks Guys...they are beautiful

(this window is between the sunroom and the front living room and this is a painting on the window from a local artist who is amazing. Its a photo of me and Mike and Mikey :)

(thats me again...Kelly was getting me all dirty for a scrapbook page) hehe

my nice clean drinks cabinet :)

(front living room work)

(some of the boxes that need carried up to the third floor & our clothes again)

this is me one year ago at the louisville how hard this year has been..
..hysterectomy, fire, turning 40,my grandma sick....yuckie year :)

So thats todays progress. I will keep you posted....but for now....everyone be sure to watch Holly Fossen on Home shopping Network on Sunday morning at 6 am and 10 am. She will be showing my 15 butterflies and dragonflies templates in a Hot Off the Press Kit excited !

I am off to Louisville tomorrow with my friend Kelly for the Creating Keepsakes Convention CKC. Cant wait to hit the shopping ! I need stickles colors...Tim Hotlz inks...more of them...hehe....some cardstock...maybe I dont Need the cardstock...but I know I will get some...hehe...okay...I will post again the progress on the house sometime next week.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Catching up again :)

So I have a few things to catch up really fast

I sent out blog candy this past week and templates, etc won over the past month that I have been so behin on....But I just realized that I think I didnt send all of Billena's to her....Sorry Billena I hope you liked the goodies but today the kit you won was curiously still laying on the table in my room...hmm? Do I have two of them or did you not get it ? (my brain doesnt work right now)

Then I need to tell the Jan 21 blog candy winner...Congrats !
Jami you won my blog candy this week for commenting on my blog :) Send me your address and I will send it right out...hehe...while I am (almost) caught up !!!

Everyone be sure to stop by this week to comment for this weeks chance to win something will be a surprise this week because I am going to CKC on Saturday and Sunday and I thought I would pick up something special from there :) So be sure to check back this week.

And yes....I am so excited about the trip to Louisville Ky for the CKC. I never grow tired of going shopping in a convention floor for scrapbook supplies. My friend Kelly and I are going on Saturday and Sunday and its a little special because this weekend is my 40th Birthday ! (its okay...its okay...its okay...hehe)

Here is my page for this weeks sketch from Pamelas World of Scraps. Dont you just love her tree sketch !

what else ? hmm ?

The progress on the Linkous House is going good. We will be back to the pre-fire stage in another 5 weeks or so. The drywall is up and the kitchen is starting to look like a room again. I am so excited for this whole mess to be over so we can go home. I miss my scrapbooking life so bad :(

(this was the kitchen last thursday)
(and this is the kitchen today)

The photo of my husbands bathroom makes me so happy ! It was the first room that was back to total normal and all ready to use. Now on to the rest of this monster house....It is starting to come together now.

PS. Kelly you need to help me remember to take photos of me cleaning the mess up...I keep forgetting to get photos of me...hehe

(my brother Tatar working on the kitchen)

(Michael J working on the kitchen)
I laugh that because my brother is a coal miner he knows how to work and keep clean ! Mike is a salesman and when he works he gets so filthy ! Lol

You can see updated photos of this weeks progress at my flickr account :)


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Drywall tape :)

I cant take full credit for the idea because I saw a girl do this before but I wanted to share it because I thought it was an awesome Idea !!!

(click photo to view closer look)

(click photo for closer view of details)

Drywall tape !!! You know....the roll of stuff that drywall guys will put over seams and holes before drywall mud to fix your wall....its a roll of mesh type fabric that you can paint or ink to match your pages and the best part is that it is meant to stick to a wall forever so it already has glue on the back so you just unroll it and stick it on your pages ! I love the texture it makes and now that I have a roll of it I am sure to be figuring out new ways to use it.



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My very special Grandma Page

It is taking me much longer to make pages these days. So many things at the Linkous House need done in fixing up the mess I made with the fire. So I used to be able to scrap so many more pages in a week while waiting for guests to check in :(
Now I am lucky to do a page in a week. Shew. Withdrawl !!!!

I know I keep saying this but I LOVE STICKLES !!! The thickers letters on the title were blue and didnt was my answer. I used cotton candy color stickles to just fill in the top of each of the letters and now they look so pretty in real life. (and I managed to let them dry without smearing them)

The tree is a pattern for the sure cuts a lot software and your cricut that I cut out last night. How cute is that tree ? Its called "retro tree" if you go looking for it to download for your cricut to cut out.

This page has taken me several days to do because of all the hand and machine stitching. I love the page though. Especially the square in the background that is done with the sewing machine....Love that...I took a square and laid down on the page and then used my ruler to mark off a little smaller square and then used the sewing machine to draw in the squares. In person this page is way prettier than in the scan. I hate it when a scan doesnt look as good as the actual page but I guess thats because I love the dimensional look and feel of the pages and when you scan them they flatten out :)