Monday, February 1, 2010

Progress on the scrapbook room but not the rest of the house :(

I have had these black science lab tables for years and I tried to replace them. I took them to the basement and brought in new fancy tables....I hated them ! So we went right back to the basement and brought my wonderful black science lab tables right back :) These tables were in the classroom that my husbands father taught school in. When the school was being torn down we "horked" them and my husband loves having them be part of our lives. 
I got these little plastic tubs that are meant to use inside your shower and screwed
 them down the length of the table so now all
my "I must have" items are at my fingertips !!!

The rack hanging here now has all of my chipboard alphabet hanging on it now. This system takes up a third of the area that it took up before. Each of the bags hanging there have one letter of the alphabets chipboard letters inside. They are hanging with some of the pants
hangers I got for a buck each at big lots.
The peg board holds my punches and as soon as I get settled I am going to punch one of each item out and hang on the fronts of each of the little red holders. Love it :)
The old antique cabinet made a nice sewing center. All hand sewing and machine sewing supplies are in this area. I think I will use the machine far more since I wont have to get it in and out to use.

Paper Paper Paper ! makes me happy ! Once I open a pad of paper and it gets all those little bits of scraps and starts to fall apart I put them into a large 2.5 gallon ziplock bag and then hang them on this rod. I can see the fronts of the paper pads this way and all the scraps of paper are right there with the paper. Its a new system so it needs a little work but I think Im gonna love it.

Of coarse I am always grabbing a new HOTP (Hot off the Press) template so this is my new Template station. I am loving the peg boards.
Lets face it. Thickers are almost as wonderful as Paper ! hehe
So who wouldnt love a thickers (and other alphabet) stickers station :)
I am totally in love with the dress form wearing my collection of ribbon as a skirt :)
My table wont have the junk cluttered up underneath eventually...hehe...I am almost there :)
There are still a lot of things that I need to wash and clean but it is starting to come back together.

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