Thursday, February 25, 2010

Progress was made today on the fire cleanup :)

Awwww....I was cleaning some of the things on my huge list of things to clean from the fire...and ran across this little bunny that I had made 21 years ago to hold the outift that I brought my son, Aaron home from the hospital in. I sewed the bunny from a pattern and the little cap is the one that Pikeville Methodist Hospital put on him the moment he was born to keep his little head warm. The little sailors outfit is what I brought him home from the hospital in and the two pair of glasses are the first two pair that he ever wore. No..the second and third...he lost the first pair...hehe...but the little bunny sets on top of a cabinet with a collection of ole lanterns and I dont get to really see it often. So when I got it down to clean today it made me smile. I am gonna do a scrapbook page of this because God forbid we ever lost the whole house and not just the this is one of those things I would miss after. Im so thankful that it is okay.

So I am gonna put up some photos of the progress on the Linkous House from the past few days. Its amazing to watch how fast it seems in the photos when the time seems to be stuck during the days when I am actually working on

This is the kitchen at the beginning of thursday morning 2/25/2010

and this is the end of the day 2/25/2010

okay so this is the primer in this blue-ish color....but I sorta wish I had painted this tomorrow it is gonna look super scary....hehe...because the paint is going to be like RED ! But the cabinets will cover almost every wall surface and just a little red will show later so when I post the photos of it RED...remember that It wont be as bad when all those white cabinets go in :)

Filthy...dirty...nasty me :) I think I may never be clean again from all the work and fire soot

the dining room with the work going on still

(the front living room with work going on)

This is the front sunroom this morning before the work began and during the installation of some vinyl

(this is the truck load of clothes that the cleaning company delivered back to us today that I am dreading so badly having to carry to the third floor ) oh and they are stacked in the sunroom that I had just emptied )

(the wonderful painters)

(my birthday flowers from my Aunt Linda and Uncle Rich in Chicago that came in the middle of the mess) Thanks Guys...they are beautiful

(this window is between the sunroom and the front living room and this is a painting on the window from a local artist who is amazing. Its a photo of me and Mike and Mikey :)

(thats me again...Kelly was getting me all dirty for a scrapbook page) hehe

my nice clean drinks cabinet :)

(front living room work)

(some of the boxes that need carried up to the third floor & our clothes again)

this is me one year ago at the louisville how hard this year has been..
..hysterectomy, fire, turning 40,my grandma sick....yuckie year :)

So thats todays progress. I will keep you posted....but for now....everyone be sure to watch Holly Fossen on Home shopping Network on Sunday morning at 6 am and 10 am. She will be showing my 15 butterflies and dragonflies templates in a Hot Off the Press Kit excited !

I am off to Louisville tomorrow with my friend Kelly for the Creating Keepsakes Convention CKC. Cant wait to hit the shopping ! I need stickles colors...Tim Hotlz inks...more of them...hehe....some cardstock...maybe I dont Need the cardstock...but I know I will get some...hehe...okay...I will post again the progress on the house sometime next week.


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