Sunday, February 28, 2010

CKC Big Buys from Louisville Ky this week :)

Where do I even begin with all the wonderful finds from CKC Louisville ? It was on my 40th birthday. Feb 26th-28th at the Convention center in Louisville Ky. And since I realized that while I was drivers liscense expired and I am gonna have to go take the darn drivers was a nice
little weekend get a way and Kelly and I had a ball !!!
 There are so many things I want to share. Maybe I will post a few of my favorites and put pics of it all in my sidebar and if you want to see them you can peek into the photos on the side bar in the next few days I will get them up in a file there.

(me getting into the photo)

(my partner in crime...Kelly )

(me with my beautiful little quilt pillow from the flea market)

(these super cool old bingo cards came from the flea market & we got lots of them for .50 cents from a guy who just didnt know that the scrcapbook stores sell us these things for 1.00 or more each) hehe

(I got these bottles caps and there was 46 in the bottle. I shared with Kelly and I only had to give the guy at the flea market booth my "fake"phone number to get these super cool deals...hehe)

Did you notice the one there in the center with the flower on it. That is a rub on I added to the top of it. I thought it would be so cool to decorate them to match the pages instead of just using the limited store bought versions that you get at scrapbook stores. We had bought a pack the day before at the scrapbook convention that had 6 on it and they were like two bucks for 6 lids and they were limited to what was already on them. Love this idea !
Did you notice the three clock faces. They were from old watches that had fallen off in the bottom of the guys boxes and we got several each for use on pages. A big ole snot dot on the back and these are gonna be great. The keys were the flat ones and we just dug thru bucket loads of them to get these. What a great find :) Dont you just love it all. I think Kelly and I both are forever addicted to flea markets now.

These little locks from old furniture are so super cute. Tim Holtz sells some like this I think and they are very wonderful but a little expensive. Ya'll know I am a Tim Holtz nut...but I had to have these they were so cheap !!!! I got this little batch from the bottom of a junk box that me and Kelly dug thru
and I love love love them !

We go overboard every year when we get close to this booth...shew...but they are so darn cheap here compared to home so we end up buying extras...hehe  It doesnt hurt that this booth is the very first booth as you walk in the door. At that point we are usually on such a high from the sight of it all that we are jumping to make a both said later...gosh...we went crazy at the bling booth. (lol)

Here we found stickles and since that was like on top of our list...we went was buy five get one free so we did ! (twice) I am in love with the green one there second from the right !
I love it So much that I got two !
More bling...I told you I couldnt help was 1.00 each so I just had to get one of each color

At the flea market we found lots of little pieces of paper with different things on them like this stack of pillsbury cards we got for .50 cents.

(more pics of my lids, clocks and keys)

This stack of little quilt pieces were from a lady we met there who I loved. She gave me an old quilt before I left and I just fell in love with her. I invited her to come stay with us at the bed & breakfast as soon as we are up and going again. I hope she comes. I really liked her. She had the greatest ideas about quilts and I will post pics of her as soon as I get the photo from Kelly that she took of me with her. She had wonderful little quilts and purses and pillows and I just loved her ! Her name was Joyce.
I have a super duper plan for these...I will share so pretty !

I took this photo of Kelly while she was taking a photo of me. When you scrapbook you learn to get pics of yourself in odd ways...hehe  I love this pic of Kelly.

And here is the one of me :)

So my very very favorite thing I bought this weekend is this little stack of wood trees. I got several because I am in love with trees right now. Just think of all the things you could use to make the top part. I have just laid a few of the items I found at the flea market on top of them so you can see the idea of what I am gonna do with them. I will post where they came from in a day or so because I know if you havent seen these your gonna want some. I love love them !!!!!
I got these coins off an old braclet that I got for 2.00 and Im gonna use them to make a tree.

(wont it be cute !)

OMG I love these trees !!!!!

On this one I am gonna put one of the old doillies that we got from the quilt lady. (Joyce)

I got lots of little things. Too much to list it all tonight but as I use it I will share it with you all. Notice I did get thickers...we found some for 1.25 a pack but they only had a few of those because they had sold em all before we found them. But we found some along the drive at a few big lots as well for 2.00 a pack.

Some more things from the flea market and the cutest little bird die cut ! Kelly got an owl one that I am so jealous of. I gotta order one of them. I know she will share with me too :)

I love these strips of bling. They were 1.00 each. Love em !

Love all the little butterflies :)

(us goofing in the mirror)

Okay I just cant share it all tonight. Lol. It was alot of fun and I love all the stuff. I will make a video this week of it all for youtube so you can see it all as I get it out.

Thankful for my goodies and for my trip and for Kelly who is almost as crazy about scrapbooking as me.


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