Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New photos from the progress on the Linkous House Bed & Breakfast cleanup

So there are no scrapbook pages to report.
I havent gotten to make a scrapbook page in a very long time. It was nice to go to the scrapbook convention last weekend but I miss my scrapbook life.
That makes me sad but right now the push is on for the Linkous House.

(me and Mike Steele the painter)
 Its long hard days and we are pushing to get the whole mess cleaned up by April 15th.
Today I reported for work at around 8:15 and began scrubbing the floors. Its a hands and knees scraping and scrubbing thing to get all the fire soot up.
Before I could think I had two carpet men laying carpet on the third floor in three rooms. Which means that they tore that place apart !!! Shew. Right when I get one room sorta organized and cleaned up.....someone tears it apart and moves the furniture and rips into the whole room.
 They worked until five and didnt finish so the mess will continue into tomorrow on that project. At the same time....There was two drywall men who tore the second floor apart ! OMG ! I hate hate hate the process of hanging drywall. It is so so so messy. They are really good. Steve and Roger from AmeriKlean Rock !

(the wallpaper in the dining room finished today)

Then I had the ADT guy who came to service the units so that we can be sure
that we are safe when we get to journey home.
 I also had the wonderful painters today. They are super ! I noticed today that no matter what else is happening once the painters come thru....It looks good :) They are from Catlettsburg so its a long day for them even before they get to the house. We had a small delima front entrance was Blue before the fire. The color I picked out for the floor turned out to be not exactly the color I ended up with so it looked super ugly with blue....this led me to go to the paint shop with a sample card that I thought was going to match. It was one of the worst colors I ever saw put onto a
wall....hehe....It was like bird poo yellow !
So then....on the next go around we did a brown sorta color I thought...but that turned out to be more of a peach....shewie....Nothing matches this stupid floor !

(front entrance in peach for now)

I laugh that I am going to keep painting it a different color just so I can watch the adoreable painter longer :) Isnt the kid there in the middle a cutie :)  And the perfect man...he never says a word...just walks around and works and looks pretty. Hehe :)

We laughed that the color that I picked out when I went on my first trip to the paint store was the exact color of the guy in the middles shirt ! (hehe) I swear that was the color of the walls on the second try ! I think when I was at the paint store I was subconsciously matching his shirt...hehe :)

Thank heavens that Mike the painter is so patient :) For now I am keeping the peach color.
Big Mike, my hubby, came in from work tonight and the first words out of his mouth was....
"Yuck ! I hate the front entrance color"
Did I mention that It was a long day?

After the painters left, the adt guy left, the carpet guys left, the drywall guys left.....shew...I went into the kitchen and cleaned up. I just know that they are sick of me cleaning around them. I cant even help myself. Tonight I wanted so badly to just see the kitchen floor. So after my fifth time mopping the first floor I cleaned up the kitchen and organized the painters stuff. Poor fellas will come in tomorrow, again, and not be able to find any of their things. Lol 
On the bright side....the kitchen and pantry look so pretty :)

Okay, enough about the was stressful and now its over...everyone says...Oh it will be over soon...or its no big deal..its not that bad...Its been 60 days since the fire and it is not getting easier...Everyday is more stressful and harder than the day before. I am tired in ways that I cant put to words. I so badly wish I could take back the whole mess. I just want to go home.

(the pantry in progress...lordie that freezer is filthy)

Tonight when we ate dinner,after I finally called it a day, Mike and I were saying how badly we miss our guests. I so much want to go home and open the front door and see one of our wonderful guests standing there. I miss the exploration of the day at the Linkous House. I miss the conversations over breakfast in the morning and I miss going to sleep knowing that someone from someplace else in the world has entered our home and found safety and comfort in their journey.

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