Monday, November 23, 2009

Little Boy, Where'd You get your britches ?

This page is my entry for this months challenge on a blog that I subscribe to and love ! The page requirements were as listed here:

1. Use orange and brown.
2. Use woodgrain.
3. Use fabric.
4. Use something with wings.
5. Use a toilet paper roll.
6. Use song lyrics in your title

I met these qualifications in the following ways....
Of coarse my paper choices were orange & browns and I used my Tim Holtz inks for distressing in Orange and Brown. Then I cut down a piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper to a 8 1/2 x 11 size so that I could run it thru my regualar printer and do journalling on it. This piece of paper was a piece of brown woodgrain which was requirement number two. 

For the using of a piece of fabric I really had a struggle. I used to be a quilter before I picked up scrapbooking so Im no stranger to fabric..I just hardly ever touch it now...and I dislike sewing in a major way ! (hehe) So to be sure I met the qualification I used a piece of fabric to roll up and make a stem for my flower. I just laid out a piece of fabric and snipped off a circle(-ish) piece and rolled it up into a tube shape and then used my Tim Holtz Mini Stapler to hold it together. I made the little leaves using scraps from the butterfly.

Next It asked for something with wings ! Yeah ! You know my new butterfly template came in handy here !

The template is now ready for purchase online at the site. It was designed by me and manufactured by Hot off the Press. It is a great template and for the few dollars you pay for it I think a great investement ! Butterflies are very popular on pages and it can be used to make so many different perfectly complimenting embellishments for all your scrapbook pages. It is availiable online also at HSN (the home shopping network)

I used the template as my "wing" thing for the challenge and also I made it with the unrolled piece of a toilet paper roll which was the next requirement for the scrapbook page. I just unrolled the roll by cutting thru it and mashing it down flat. It wasn't very pretty at this point ! So I ran this piece of "toilet paper roll" thru the cuddlebug inside a folder and it came out textured. Then I used my Tim Holtz ink and ran all over the new piece of textured paper and used orange and black ink for this to further meet the challenge.

I laid the Template over the "toilet paper roll" and marked it and cut it out. I used the edge distresser to run along the edges of the butterfly and then inked again with Tim Holtz inks. The part that I love about the butterfly is the anteana's on it.
When I make my butterflies I love for it to be a dimensional anteana so I am always looking for the perfect thing to use to make them and today I discovered the absolute perfect item !

I cut two pieces from a cluster of plastic flowers and it made these adorable little anteana's ! I love em ! I cant wait to use them again and again ! Im thinking you could dip them in some glue or spray them with sticky spray and you could make them all glittery and shinny Or you could use a majic marker and color them black. So cute !!! Just stick a sticky dot back behind the butterfly and slide them down in behind !

The final qualification was that the title be words from a song. I thought this would be harder than it actually was. I just got the new Droid phone from Verizon and it has an app on it that lets you click on it and from the push of a button you can find just about any song online for free ! You can then touch it to keep it on your phone as a full song or ringtone ! Loving the droid !!!!

So I searched for Britches (hillbilly for pants) and it came back with a little folk song titled "Little Boy, where'd ya get those britches" and I knew it was meant to be ! The photo is one I snapped of my son Mikey about two weeks ago in his first pair of "Big Boy" pants...the first pair that are a size in little boys and not in the toddlers ! "They look just like daddy's pants" he said.

So there ya go ! A page to enter and some cool techniques to share !

This is the link for the challenge and I gotta tell ya...its my first time entering a if I win....I will let you know ! If I loose...I will post the page that beats me :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A new Page in the "My take on their Page" series

These little "leaves" are so cute ! This is going to be a new page in the "My take on their Page" series for youtube. It is a page copied from the latest issue of Creating Keepsakes Magazine. The little leaves are just simply a square punch with two opposite corners rounded with a corner rounder. It is a brilliant idea and as soon as I saw it featured in the issue I knew I had to give it a try.

I did this page with my friend Kelly and think it turned out cute ! We used all scraps of paper from my scrap stash and didnt repeat any paper in the 35 squares. I was thinking that this page with a different title would be very pleasing in all baby blue squares or all soft pink colors..... I will have to repeat this page for sure !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Christmas Ornaments

I put the christmas tree up today and I was so excited to open the box of ornaments and go thru them. Its funny how I can hold them in my hand and be transported to another place and time. I love the ornaments that I have had for years the most of coarse. I only have a few that have survived time, space, packing, unpacking, marriage, divorce and life on the whole but those few are precious to me and I hope to always have them.

The tree is beautiful and stuffed with ornaments....Mikey was searching for a branch so hard at the end....I love it that way and hope that every year it gets heavier and fuller and the branches get weak from the weight of them all ! It makes me happy to look at them!

I am working on the tree at the front entrance and I am excited about it. I am doing a scrapbook themed tree and I hung all of my scissors on it and made little tiny scrapbook pages all over. I used little coasters that I have collected from restaurants over the past year and made tiny copies of the pages that I like most by using my scanned images of my pages and printing them at a fraction of the normal size until it fit onto the little coasters and used the tape runner to paste the little pages to the coasters on one side.

I punched two holes in the tops of the coasters and made ribbon hangers for them and they are so adorable ! I can only see one problem....
I need more !!!!


Monday, November 9, 2009

I can type faster than I can scrapbook !

I was lying in the bed with my little Mikey tonight while we told the story of our day. I had commited to staying by his bed while I watched him yawn and wiggle the way that he does every night. He was so tired and struggling to stay awake. A fight that he has fought a many a night before but for some reason tonight it was sweeter than those nights.

Maybe it is the ear ache ? Maybe it was the c-scan today (sinus infection) ? Maybe it was the realization that these moments will not last ? But something inside me wanted to stay there with him until he was sound asleep.

"Tell me mommy about how you are bubbies mommy too" ? "Tell me the story of how you took me to school and came back and got me" ? "Tell me mommy about the Christmas tree" ? "Mommy did you hear the twinkle twinkle little star song without moving my mouth"? (and then he sung it without moving his mouth)

In my mind I was thinking only of that moment with him. So often I am pushed and rushed and hurried. I have so many things that I am trying to squeeze into the night and day.

I hurry him up from bed in the morning because we have guests downstairs and hurry him to eat his breakfast. I hurry him to dress and get ready so we are not late. I hurry him down the street for our walk (or drive) to school. I hurry him into the car for parent pick up so that I dont hold up the other cars. I hurry him to bath. I hurry him to bed....

When what I should be holding on to every second of his life. Enjoying the moments that we share.

"Twinkle Twinkle little star"....muffled but understandable !

"Mommy can I hand the ornaments to you when we decorate the santa tree" ? "I want a sponge bob square pants operation game and a nurf gun wii (dont know yet what that is?) and a sorry slider game from santa." Pointing to his index finger...insistant that I understand that the sponge bob operation game was "this finger" !

While he was talking and yawning and not moving his mouth while singing I started to think to myself that I need to scrapbook this moment. That's what happens...He is being wonderful and I think to myself how horrible it would be to forget the feeling that he has given me....what if God one ever knows that I love him ? What if God forbid...I don't see his children to tell them that I think their father is the most wondeful creature to ever breathe? What if God forbid I lost my memory...I know its a morbid thought...but it what if ? 

I can hardly remember what happened a few minutes could I ever capture these moments without scrapbooking ? I have raised one son and I know how you forget. I know that they grow up and you just dont remember all these little moments. So I scrapbook....I do enjoy it... It does make me happy.... But I do it for the future. Thats why my scrapbooks are locked inside a huge fire I want them more than anything to last for me to give to him someday....I scrapbook to write down those moments and memories and feelings that Mikey and I share. Moments that Mikeys shares with his daddy and friend Joey and Mrs Amy and his bubby...and the world around him.... But tonight when he was talking I started to think to myself that I just cant scrapbook fast enough ! I need to do a page on his first pair of big boy pants. (he just grew out of the toddler size into little boy pants) I need to do his halloween stuff at school on a page... I need to make a page of tonight and how he made me many pages and so many moments and so many memories....This is why I have figured out that I have to blog....because I have finally figured out that I can type faster than I can scrapbook !  (lol)

Mommy Will you tie my shoe strings ?

Shoe Strings coming untied four thousand times a day...that seems to be one thing that I can count on in any normal spin of the clock ! Some days when you come home from school they are dragging along behind you....I laugh inside myself when I see them. Everyone must have gotten tired of bending down to tie them for you that day ? Some days they are double tied in what can only be described as knots ! I know that whoever tied them that day....was sick of bending down to tie them too ! They are dirty and long and Lord only knows why they wont stay tied ? But the one thing I know that I am absolutely going to do with you that we are going to need to stop whatever else we are doing....and bend what I am sure will someday be moments that I miss....and tie those dag blasted shoe strings ! (mixed smiles of sadness and joy)

This is a page I had to do....gotta remember this little face looking up at me and saying...."mommy...will you tie my shoe strings"

Friday, November 6, 2009

Groovy Flowers !

I had so many things on this page that I wanted to share....

For starters this is a pack of paper that I got at Hobby Lobby on the week they had paper for 50% off. So this whole pack of wonderful My Minds Eye paper was only 10.00 ! It is called My Minds Eye, love nest, designed by Carina Gardner..

I am a huge fan of My Minds Eye paper and must have every new piece that comes out ! I could pass up some paper.....but NEVER a piece of My Minds Eye.

I used a piece of sandpaper and rubbed all over and along the edges of the paper to make it more worn. Then sprayed the completed page with a little of the Pearl color glimmer mist, which is now my new favorite because it is so transluscent and really just adds glitter to anything ! I love it !

The butterflies on the page is from my new 15 Butterflies & Dragonflies template of coarse and butterflies are an embellishment that I think you can add to almost any page. The template is also availiable on HSN (the home shopping network) and comes in a kit with several nice pieces of paper and a bird template that I gotta get very soon ! I used the template to make two of the butterflies and layered them one on top of the other to add dimension. I like to do the little "fly" trail behind the butterflies with dimensional bling and here I used black and cut out a trail from a pack I got at the last convention in Charlotte. They come from a place called and I use them on practically every page ! They come in several I gotta have more !

The most important technique that I wanted to share on this page is the flowers and leaves. I made the flowers using punches that are meant to go with the     i-top brad maker which I recently purchased but havent gotten around to using. The punches however I love for flowers. I use the punches to stamp out three sizes and then ink the edges and work them with my fingers to make them loose and more dimensional.

I am always making flowers and using premade flowers and wishing that I had some leaves so this was my answer to getting the leaves on a page. I discovered that on my Walk in the garden cricut cartridge there are several leaves. I dont however like how flat and plain they are when added to a page. So i used my Tim Holtz ink and distressed the edges of the leaf and then wrinkled it up as tight as I could possibly get it and then opened it up again and messed with it in my fingers until it broke down the paper til it almost feels like fabric. Just wrinkle it up and mush it around in your fingers for a few minutes and it will get very soft and pliable.

I hope you love the page and make lots of these flowers and leaves ! Enjoy !

Be sure to see me making the flowers and leaves on my youtube video at

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My take on Their Page

I love to copy pages from magazines and off online sites. I can get pages completed very quickly that way and dont have to think much about what layout to use. I subscribe to the scrapbook magazines and love to copy from the Creating Keepsakes magazine and especially love my Scrapbooks,etc, Magazine ! It is by far my favorite.

The idea is that you get inspiration from the pages without making an exact photocopy of the page in the magazine. I like to look at the page and determine what exactly it is about that page that I love and copy that idea onto my very own page.

This page was on the cover of the magazine for December and I loved it because it had the stitching inside of the scallops but once I started to work on the page....I remembered that....I hate to sew !
This left me trying to find something that I could do inside the circles that would look nice....but lets face fast !!!

I was thinking of some other ways that you could do this and thought you might use your stickles to do the insides circle detail as well. I used the new little bottle of flower soft glue that I just got in the mail because the tip on it is so fine that it makes it easy to write or do small lines of glue really fast.
I think I am going to run out and need more of the glue before I get time to try out the new flower soft !!!

Here is a photo close up of the inside of the circles so you can see exactly what I did to avoid having to sew ! I like the rustic rough feel of the glitter and it gave the inside some detail without having to drag out a sewing machine ! I also used a pen to outline on the page the circle to give added details.

The second page is the "love" page and I thought it was very pretty ! Something about the layout drew my attention to it the second I opened the magazine. As you can see by the page I changed the original wording on my page to love where on the magazine page they used the word Snow. I just didnt have any snow photos at the moment ! The magazines are great for getting ideas and techniques and you can copy their page layouts and color schemes and still come up with your own Take on the Page !

I love red on pages ! The zig zag at the bottom is a piece of rick-rac ribbon and the little flowers are from a punch with a little tiny white button glued down on the inside. I printed the journalling because I hate my handwritting and inked the edges with Tim Holtz ink. Its a simply done page but was so very worth copying !

The letters were cut from the Mickey Mouse cricut cartridge and then I used the Tim Holtz ink to distress the edges of them and a marker to further make the letters stand out. I used the stamp letters to stamp onto each of the letters and rubbed ink into the paper to make it more red than the original background paper. They turned out sooooo cute ! Thanks Creating Keepsakes !