Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My take on Their Page

I love to copy pages from magazines and off online sites. I can get pages completed very quickly that way and dont have to think much about what layout to use. I subscribe to the scrapbook magazines and love to copy from the Creating Keepsakes magazine and especially love my Scrapbooks,etc, Magazine ! It is by far my favorite.

The idea is that you get inspiration from the pages without making an exact photocopy of the page in the magazine. I like to look at the page and determine what exactly it is about that page that I love and copy that idea onto my very own page.

This page was on the cover of the magazine for December and I loved it because it had the stitching inside of the scallops but once I started to work on the page....I remembered that....I hate to sew !
This left me trying to find something that I could do inside the circles that would look nice....but lets face fast !!!

I was thinking of some other ways that you could do this and thought you might use your stickles to do the insides circle detail as well. I used the new little bottle of flower soft glue that I just got in the mail because the tip on it is so fine that it makes it easy to write or do small lines of glue really fast.
I think I am going to run out and need more of the glue before I get time to try out the new flower soft !!!

Here is a photo close up of the inside of the circles so you can see exactly what I did to avoid having to sew ! I like the rustic rough feel of the glitter and it gave the inside some detail without having to drag out a sewing machine ! I also used a pen to outline on the page the circle to give added details.

The second page is the "love" page and I thought it was very pretty ! Something about the layout drew my attention to it the second I opened the magazine. As you can see by the page I changed the original wording on my page to love where on the magazine page they used the word Snow. I just didnt have any snow photos at the moment ! The magazines are great for getting ideas and techniques and you can copy their page layouts and color schemes and still come up with your own Take on the Page !

I love red on pages ! The zig zag at the bottom is a piece of rick-rac ribbon and the little flowers are from a punch with a little tiny white button glued down on the inside. I printed the journalling because I hate my handwritting and inked the edges with Tim Holtz ink. Its a simply done page but was so very worth copying !

The letters were cut from the Mickey Mouse cricut cartridge and then I used the Tim Holtz ink to distress the edges of them and a marker to further make the letters stand out. I used the stamp letters to stamp onto each of the letters and rubbed ink into the paper to make it more red than the original background paper. They turned out sooooo cute ! Thanks Creating Keepsakes !
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