Monday, November 9, 2009

Mommy Will you tie my shoe strings ?

Shoe Strings coming untied four thousand times a day...that seems to be one thing that I can count on in any normal spin of the clock ! Some days when you come home from school they are dragging along behind you....I laugh inside myself when I see them. Everyone must have gotten tired of bending down to tie them for you that day ? Some days they are double tied in what can only be described as knots ! I know that whoever tied them that day....was sick of bending down to tie them too ! They are dirty and long and Lord only knows why they wont stay tied ? But the one thing I know that I am absolutely going to do with you that we are going to need to stop whatever else we are doing....and bend what I am sure will someday be moments that I miss....and tie those dag blasted shoe strings ! (mixed smiles of sadness and joy)

This is a page I had to do....gotta remember this little face looking up at me and saying...."mommy...will you tie my shoe strings"

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