Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Scrapbook Room

I thought I would share some of my storage ideas in my scrabook room. I think I have somewhat of an addiction to the supplies ! It seems that most of us who scrapbook enjoy the purchase of the supplies almost as much :)

This table holds  my punches within easy reach. The paper racks underneath hold paper that I dont use as much. (Christmas and special occasions, etc) On top the table I have wire file holders that I got cheap at walmart and I stand up in them my paper pads and the large ziplock bags that I use to hold the opened paper pads and scraps. Lots and Lots of My Minds Eye paper here and DCWV as well. I just discovered the Cosmo Cricket line and am in love with them now as well. I have an assortment of K&Company pads too.

I came up with this ribbon idea sorta out of desperation. My friend Kelly had mentioned that her cousin had done something like this and I started to try to figure out how in the world I could get this done cheap and get rid of the huge knot of ribbon that I dont use because its IN A HUGE KNOT ! I tried everything. I had the little bags but they wouldnt hold it all and I tried the basket but it was a mess..... This was my answer and I am totally loving it. Get a piece of wire and two flower pot hooks and run several boxes of standard paper holders thru the wire and pinch the end of the ribbons and let them hang. Then when you want a piece of ribbon just chop off what you need. Its simple to pinch the clip open to add more or use up the last little piece. Thanks Stephanie for the storage inspiration by way of the grape vine :)

This is my answer for storage of the photos that I have not yet scrapbooked. Any new photos that I take I dont print until the time that I am actually going to scrapbook. I print all my photos at home now on my regular HP printer. That way I dont get these big piles and I can choose the size I need right when I am scrapping.

I have this big basket of thickers and sticker letters that I keep close to my spot and when I need a fast title these work great. I also have the cricut expression and it is just a spin of the chair away but I am only just going over to it and havent totally figured out the sure cuts a lot software yet.

I love cardstock ! I have a problem..I know it ! I store all of it in a line sorted by color (thanks to Kelly who keeps me organized) I also stand up here some of the paper pads that I have. You will see there on the closest end of the pic a black box sorta thing on top of the table....that is a file holder and I just stand up in it the pieces of paper that are scraps and sort them by color. Something I am doing now is when I purchase a paper pad I slide the whole pad down into a large zip lock bag and as I use the paper I drop all the scraps into the bag so everytime I use that paper I have the matching scraps handy.

Flowers Flowers Flowers....Never enough flowers :)

Baskets hold everything together ! This is my yard supplies

Once I had all of my brads kinda in little drawers but realized I didnt use them that way so I dumped them all into these three drawers and now I love to dig thru and find the perfect treasure.

I should but I dont use the stickles and glimmer mist as much as others ? I sat it on my table just today hoping that I would use it more if it is in my line of sight.

More flowers !

My homemade cliping system for ribbon.

I must have bling ! I cant wait to go to Louisville in February to buy more :)

These files set under my cardstock table and have a huge zip lock for each letter of the alphabet and they hold all my chipboard or cut out and not used yet letters.

On my table I keep these coffee cups and the items that you cant scrapbook without stay within quick reach.

 I hope some of my ideas inspire you for storage in your own scrapbook room.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cool drink of Water

This little page is a copy really of an idea in the front of the latest scrapbook magazine but me and one of my scrapbook girlfriends, Kelly ( had to do it because it was so darn cute. Does everyone hate to sew as much as we do ? Why does it always mess up right in the middle of a project ?
The letters are all cut on the cricut using the sure cuts a lot software which I am loving...if only I had time to learn to use a new software...hehe...okay.... its going to be worth the time though because I love all the fonts you can cut.
I love any page that can use my 15 butterflies & dragonflies template from Hot Off the Press. We just simply lay the template over paper that coordinates with other elements on the page and mark the butterfly of your choice and then remove the template and cut out the butterfly
Just in case you dont know it Id like to invite everyone once again to come over and join me and other scrapbookers on the blog hop this Jan 1-3rd beginning over at

Monday, December 28, 2009

My Minds Eye Paper

Okay there are sooooo NOT many things I like as much as I like My Minds Eye Scrapbook Paper ! I can have a really bad day or be mad or sad and go in my scrapbook room and set down with a My Minds Eye paper pad and just flip through it and be instantly happy :) I have dozens and dozens of their paper packs and can NOT be trusted to go into a store that sales more (hehe)

I made a page and entered into the challenge but now that I see all the pages full of flowers that were entered..... Mine is sorta embarrasing.

Yes I realize that It is probably not normal ! I know that it makes me a little weird ! I understand that it is only paper ! But I cant help myself ! I love MY MINDS EYE PAPER !!!

So I was crazy silly earlier when I saw my name there in a little mention on Amber Packer's post for the December Flower Challenge. My mind is going a mile a minute thinking of all the beautiful flowers that were entered into the challenge ! I must do em all !

If you need flowers....just go check this file out and I am sure that you will find a flower you will want to make for your next page :)

Happy Scrapbooking :)

Note on this one:

This one got a mention on the My Minds Eye blog by
Amber Packer !!!! It was way tooooo cool :)
Here is the link to see the mention !!! Check it out

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Scrappiest blog challenge

This one was done to enter into the challenge for this sketch over at the scrappiest blog and I took this little photo of my niece Gabbi this week while they were staying with us because they had no power from our little snow storm here in West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky.

The sketch was a little easy this time and I was glad because I need to take my Christmas decorations down and paint the kitchen, I could do this one in a hurry.
I gave the sketch a flip and made flowers out of the ornaments because I am into flowers right now. Go on over and give this one a try if you need a challenge.

These flowers are circles punched out and then I drop them into a little bowl of water and rung them out and shape them and when they dry...they are like concrete and keep whatever shape you give them. Of coarse I used Tim Holtz ink on them and distressed the edges before dropping them into the bowl.

Note added on 1/1/2010

This one won the challenge ! OOOOh I am so excited !!! Not sure exactly what the heck I won but who cares....My page won :) hehe
Click here to Go on over to the Scrappiest and check it out !!!

Happy Scrapbooking New Year !!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

This little Hat Page

Okay this tree was just a little inset photo on the first couple pages of the newest scrapbooks, etc magazine and I swear when I saw it last night I had a hard time sleeping because I wanted to give it a try so bad :) I just hand cut the trunk of the tree from brown and used my circle punch to punch out a bunch of the circles and layered them all to make the tree. This paper is all from basic grey.

It is on page 6 of the February issue for 2010. Credit is given to Andrea Friebus for the page. Im gonna have to google her and see if she has a blog....How cute !

Here is the sketch from Pamela from over at Pamelas World of Scraps if you want to give the sketch a try this month.

Oh and Be sure to join in on the fun of the blog hop happening on Jan 1-3 :)

PS. be sure to go on over to check this give a way out

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pamela's world of scrap Jan 1-3 is having a blog hop :)

Pamela over at Pamela's World of Scrap is having a blog hop on Jan 1-3. It looks like fun. This will be the first time I have ever played along on a blog hop so I'm excited to see how the whole thing works. Come join in :) I did hear her mention......winning free stuff :)

My page for the Rusty Pickle Sketch December 09

This page is one that I think I should repeat every year with the little list of what he tells Santa that he wants :) Gosh it is so nice to celebrate Christmas with this child. He is full of joy and wonder and excitement and keeps saying every single day that "This is the best Christmas ever " !!!

The Page is a copy of the sketch for December for the Rusty Pickle Blog and the sketch is by Pamela Young But I was going thru my HUGE stash of thousands of pieces of paper and realized I dont have any Rusty Pickle Christmas paper ! Lordie...So I did the page and love it but its not eligible to win the challenge unless you use 80% Rusty Pickle paper :( Which was very smart on their part...hehe...Because now I really want some !!! So everyone Go give it a try !!! Your entries are due by Dec 29th.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow Ice cream

While laying sick in bed tonight I was looking at my favorite blogs and ran across a lady who put up the directions for how to make snow ice cream ! Oh how it reminded me of when I was a child. I swear it snowed more then than it does now. We would have big igloos and snow men so large we stood on my daddys truck to put the head on ! I remember one year that my brothers built little square blocks from snow and made the coolest little ice house by stacking them all together to make walls ! We have not had those snows in years and years and I am hoping so bad that Mikey will get to have one of those knee deep hat, gloves & scarves snows !

Here is her directions (

1 gallon of fresh clean snow
1/2 cup of sugar
1/2 tablespoon vanilla
1 can evaporated milk
milk according to how moist you want it

Now the way I remember it when I was a child is....You need a daddy who will go out and scoop all the clean snow from top the porch roof, the cars, bushes, etc ! It needs to be the snow that is not the very first fallen (because it has all the earth air ick stuck inside of it if you dont wait til like the third or fourth inch.....hehe...thats what I remember my daddy saying) and then you need a mom who will gather the ingredients and put em all into a huge bowl large enough for three small children to gather around. Then you need at the very least two brothers who you think are soooooo cool ! Then you just mix it all up and set back....and ENJOY !

Yep...I remember snow ice cream well !!!! I sooooo hope that there is a scrapbook page of Mikey making this snow ice cream soon !!!!

Sacred heart Crew Christmas GIft for Mikey

This is why I love Sacred Heart...

Mikey has been sick all week and out of school. He and I have had a horrible cold and Pink Eye ! shewie...

And today the doorbell rung and all the kids were there singing us christmas songs !!!

I couldnt help to water up and tear...It was the most beautiful thing Ive seen !!!

Mikey jumped up into my arms in his jammies and just hung on to me so tight and watched and pointed at them and said..There is Joey...and Mrs. Amy...and Halie...and...

He has missed them so much this week and now we are on Christmas break so It was the sweetest thing for them to all bundle up and take the time to walk by our house and sing songs for little Mikey ! That is why I love Sacred Heart and the whole school experience we get there :)

THANK YOU everyone !

PS. I did remember to go and get my camera and ask them to stay afterward long enough for me to get the picture !!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bandaid paper flowers

This page was done for the challenge over at Scrap Outside the Box for December. This site is amazing. It has all these challenges to use products not meant for scrapbooking...pop cap lids, band aids, etc to make a scrapbook page. I love it ! The flowers on my page are made using band aids and I am certainly going to be going back over to check out the next challenge :)

Just a really fast share of these flowers....THEY ARE MADE FROM BANDAIDS....

My little idea for an entry for the scrap outside the box site challenge this month.

Arent they cute ! You can make them into any color just simply by changing the color of cardstock you use !

Go see me make them at my you tube video by clicking here.

Have fun !!!

Note added:

This one won !!!! I will do a post later about what it wins :)

My page for december

This was my first time entering this one and I loved it. The sketch is really cute and I had some fun with the transparency twist. I'm not sure you can see it in the photo but the picture is covered in a piece of transparency film to further the whole challenge. The photo is of my beautiful niece who is growing up so fast.

This was my first attempt at the little handmade flowers on the bottom right of the page. I saw another lady do some of this kind of paper twisting and I had to give it a try it !!!

Just click the this link if you want to see her blog and her flowers too !  She does a little demo of how to make them and I am certainly going to be giving them a couple more spots on some future pages !!!! Thanks for sharing !!! But for are my version of them...this is my first try to give me a few days and I will get better !


For now be sure and run on over and do a page for the sketch challenge at twisted sketches. I thought the site had loads of great ideas for using items that you dont normally think to use !

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Inspired Blueprints Challenge Sketch #38

This month over at the inspired blueprints site they have a great sketch !!! Go check it out and if you havent already you gotta get yourself an account set up to share your pages but I warn you now...hehe...dont make the mistake I did...You are only allowed to upload pages done with the sketches they post ! Which is really cool...but I didnt know that until I posted all 174 pages and then had to go back and erase em ! hehehehe...always read the directions...thats what people keep telling me !!!! I love the site and just got myself all sat up !

Great site, Great sketches, Nice Scrapbook girls to share your pages with and who share theirs with you......

So this is my three pages I did using their sketch #38 which is shown here

I framed them each in a 12x12 frame and this is going to be a gift for my mother for Christmas this year. She is gonna love it

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December Checking the List Challenge

Okay, this one has made me a little mad ! He He ! I have searched this house over for a little tiny jingle bell or some type of "Bell" to put on this page...dont worry...Im going to find it !!! But it will stress me less if I am looking for it after I have already posted it is...Minus the little bell.

This one came by way of and the challenge has been lots of fun...minus the part where I cant find a bell ! I believe you can enter this one thru the 30th of December. So there is plenty of time to get in on it.


1. Use a list
2. Use the colors Red, Black and White
3. Use a bell (this was the the most challenging part for me !)
4. Use a bow
5. Use book paper
6. Use glitter

You can use any sketch you want on the page as long as you meet those requirements.

This blog ( is my very favorite and the inspiration from the girls there and the pages everyone shares is GREAT !!!

Pamela's world of scrap Challenge

I did this page today for the challenge at the Pamela's World of Scrap Blog and I think I like it. The paper had flowers on it so I cut into them to to let them overlap onto the photos so it wouldnt seem so square and flat. The words along the side and all the paper is from the Doodletype stack of paper from DCWV.

The page is one of those pages that in person is so much prettier than it scanned :(

The thickness of the little chipboard clipboard (say that three times fast if you can) made the scanner shadow just a bit when scanning it. But in person it is so bright and cheerful. The only rules for this one was that you used the sketch that was provided by the site. Give it a try !!!

The little clipboard notes say things that I want Mikey to hear someday..."You are the best thing to ever happen to me" and those mushy kind of things that moms say !

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blog Challenge #6: Paper Flowers:

Okay, This one I had to give a try ! I mean... everyone who knows me knows that there is Nothing I like more than a new stack of My Minds Eye Paper !
My Stacks of My Minds Eye Paper are kept next to my window in my scrapbook room...HeHe...In case the house is on fire I can make an effort to save them !

So here is what I came up with for the Challenge

The flowers are made using old wash cloths that are stained up !
(I have stacks of them that are left over from the Bed & Breakfast )

The shape of the flower isn't really a new idea as most everyone makes little circle disk flowers these days..but the washcloth is certainly a new play on the usual flower !

Dont you think they are adorable !

1. I traced out circles in four sizes and cut them out of an old wash cloth.
2. I used a piece of wax paper to cover the table while spraying the glimmer mist spray onto the wash cloth and then I used the cut out circles of fabric to sorta "sop" up the extra glimmer mist.

3. I stacked the circles and put a brad thru the centers and placed them on the page.
4.Then I used the piece of wax paper I had laid down to cut out more circles and made flowers from it as well...since it already had glimmer mist on it ! 
The Paper flower on the bottom of the page is made using scraps from the My Minds eye Paper that I made the page with.

The Paper on the Page is from the Pretty Please line and I love it !!! Like all My Minds Eye Papers !!!

Here is a photograph of the page as laying it into my scanner squished it just a bit...Hehe !

Monday, December 7, 2009

Yea ! My scrapbook page got a post ! Hehe !

Just a fast post of a page I put up on a challenge site...Everyone go check out this blog...its really fun ! Hurry...Your pages can still be entered this month and if not....Join me in next months entry ! I cant wait for the next one !!!