Monday, December 28, 2009

My Minds Eye Paper

Okay there are sooooo NOT many things I like as much as I like My Minds Eye Scrapbook Paper ! I can have a really bad day or be mad or sad and go in my scrapbook room and set down with a My Minds Eye paper pad and just flip through it and be instantly happy :) I have dozens and dozens of their paper packs and can NOT be trusted to go into a store that sales more (hehe)

I made a page and entered into the challenge but now that I see all the pages full of flowers that were entered..... Mine is sorta embarrasing.

Yes I realize that It is probably not normal ! I know that it makes me a little weird ! I understand that it is only paper ! But I cant help myself ! I love MY MINDS EYE PAPER !!!

So I was crazy silly earlier when I saw my name there in a little mention on Amber Packer's post for the December Flower Challenge. My mind is going a mile a minute thinking of all the beautiful flowers that were entered into the challenge ! I must do em all !

If you need flowers....just go check this file out and I am sure that you will find a flower you will want to make for your next page :)

Happy Scrapbooking :)

Note on this one:

This one got a mention on the My Minds Eye blog by
Amber Packer !!!! It was way tooooo cool :)
Here is the link to see the mention !!! Check it out

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