Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December Checking the List Challenge

Okay, this one has made me a little mad ! He He ! I have searched this house over for a little tiny jingle bell or some type of "Bell" to put on this page...dont worry...Im going to find it !!! But it will stress me less if I am looking for it after I have already posted this...so...Here it is...Minus the little bell.

This one came by way of http://www.alacartechallenge.blogspot.com/ and the challenge has been lots of fun...minus the part where I cant find a bell ! I believe you can enter this one thru the 30th of December. So there is plenty of time to get in on it.


1. Use a list
2. Use the colors Red, Black and White
3. Use a bell (this was the the most challenging part for me !)
4. Use a bow
5. Use book paper
6. Use glitter

You can use any sketch you want on the page as long as you meet those requirements.

This blog (http://www.alacartechallenge.blogspot.com/) is my very favorite and the inspiration from the girls there and the pages everyone shares is GREAT !!!

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