Friday, December 18, 2009

Sacred heart Crew Christmas GIft for Mikey

This is why I love Sacred Heart...

Mikey has been sick all week and out of school. He and I have had a horrible cold and Pink Eye ! shewie...

And today the doorbell rung and all the kids were there singing us christmas songs !!!

I couldnt help to water up and tear...It was the most beautiful thing Ive seen !!!

Mikey jumped up into my arms in his jammies and just hung on to me so tight and watched and pointed at them and said..There is Joey...and Mrs. Amy...and Halie...and...

He has missed them so much this week and now we are on Christmas break so It was the sweetest thing for them to all bundle up and take the time to walk by our house and sing songs for little Mikey ! That is why I love Sacred Heart and the whole school experience we get there :)

THANK YOU everyone !

PS. I did remember to go and get my camera and ask them to stay afterward long enough for me to get the picture !!!

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