Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My page for the Rusty Pickle Sketch December 09

This page is one that I think I should repeat every year with the little list of what he tells Santa that he wants :) Gosh it is so nice to celebrate Christmas with this child. He is full of joy and wonder and excitement and keeps saying every single day that "This is the best Christmas ever " !!!

The Page is a copy of the sketch for December for the Rusty Pickle Blog and the sketch is by Pamela Young But I was going thru my HUGE stash of thousands of pieces of paper and realized I dont have any Rusty Pickle Christmas paper ! Lordie...So I did the page and love it but its not eligible to win the challenge unless you use 80% Rusty Pickle paper :( Which was very smart on their part...hehe...Because now I really want some !!! So everyone Go give it a try !!! Your entries are due by Dec 29th. http://rustypickle.typepad.com/picklelicious/2009/12/december-sketch-challenge.html

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