Thursday, April 29, 2010

Surprise Page

(click to see it bigger)

This page makes me happy :)

It was my version of the front of this months scrapbook trends magazine. It was a fun page. I want to order the little flag punch that Hot Off the Press just started selling because I love these flag Pages I keep seeing everywhere. So cute !!!!

The little bird was a new cuttlebug die and oh my goodness its sweet. Just cut the little cloud out by hand. Its a happy page.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Brother Page & Butterflies Template

(click photo for close looks)

This page is actually fire engine red but my scanner didnt see it that way. I used the layout from the May 2010 issue of scrapbook trends magazine but changed it to fit Brother for  my title and I used my
Hot Off the Press 15 Butterflies and Dragonflies Template (designed by me) to make the Butterflies for this page.

This template is awesome because no matter what page you are doing...using the scraps from the can have a butterfly that matches perfectly. A total must have in every scrapbook room.

The film strip is felt and I got it from the Louisville, Ky CKC convention. I love it !

The photo of my brother and his wife is from when the got married. I cant remember what year it was...because...well I am getting old ! hehe

Somewhere around 20 years ago because My son is 21 now...Lordie he was in the wedding so there ya go...It was a long time ago...hehe

The little pic of him in his preschool graduation is the cutest thing. I love his little sweater. he reminds me so darn much of my little Mikey.

Happy Scrapbooking !!!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Once upon a time....

The story on the card that pulls out goes....

I was thinking when I saw this photo of one time when I was a little girl about this size...My brothers and I saw a set of Guns in the Sears Catalog (catalogs were paper versions of online shopping galleries...we had those before the The gun set had three costumes with for each of us and guns and knives, hats, and all the things to play cowboy and indian for three kids....Me & My two brothers, Tatar & Dee, decided that we wanted it...and dad told us that we would get it for christmas !

That year on Christmas morning we had so very usual...and when the gifts were all opened...the three of us kids were so upset because we just knew we were getting that two page spread of cowboy & indian stuff...Our family joked for years and years later...we joke to this day some thirty five years later...that maybe this year...we will get our cowboy & indian order in time for Christmas.

It was just something that Dad told us to get us to shut up about the had more than we could play with already....

When I saw you in this little outfit playing dress up it made me think of us wanting it all those years ago.
I wonder what you will wish for...I hope that I can give you enough...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Purple Page

It hit me today after I put the page together that I have probably done a thousand pages now and this is the only one I can think of that was ever Purple !

I dont like Purple But when I found this pack of paper from Penny Lane & My Minds Eye at Michaels last week with all Purple Paper in it.....I had to have it :) Come on...Its My Minds Eye...Who could resist it...even if you dont like Purple...This is a beautiful stack of paper !!!

The page is somewhat based on the page in the Scrapbook Trends magazine by Kelly Goree on Page 119 of the May 2010 issue. Its a very loose translation of her page but I loved it when it was finished.

I have a little thing going right now with myself that every page that I make must contain a rub on from the many I have collected over the years and never used and atleast one item from the huge assortment of brads, etc that for some reason I have bought thousands and thousands of...but never used ! Also the ultimate goal would be to use a piece of the chipboard I have hoarded up as well on ever page ! You get the picture......I have toooooooo much stuff that I need to use before I buy the next thing.......self control....self control.....


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New pages :)

Okay so here are a few pages that me and my friend Kelly did today. Shew. We needed a scrapbook fix bad ! There was very little thinking involved because we basically used magazines to copy the pages adding our own touches but the goal was to scrapbook a bunch of photos and get several pages done so we werent trying to come up with new ideas....Just finish some pages ! So here they are. If they look familiar to you....Its because you have probably seen them in this months scrapbook magazines..Hehe :)

(my scanner didnt do so well on the corners this time)

Okay...I feel better now...Shew I missed scrapbooking :)


Thursday, April 1, 2010

God blessed me with the fire !!!

Today while cleaning on my porch enjoying the weather I was thinking about the fire. I was trying to figure out what came of it. Yes I have a new beautiful kitchen, yes it forced me to clean every single spot in my world, yes I painted things that had been long overdue....I could go on and on about the work....

I am tired and see the end in sight and I am thankful that it is almost over ! But what is the bigger picture ?

I was thinking the other day that Faith is nothing until the days when you are wore out and tired and afraid.

You can talk about faith but until those times in your life that you dont know what else you can do....until the times when you are down on your knees totally scared and is nothing.

And almost ever time we face something in our lives...We think we will never get thru it ! LOL

How will I ever survive the mess that lay before me in this photo ! How can I ever make it financially and physically thru the mess that I made that cold January day ? It will never be over I thought (many times)

And today I was washing my porch and enjoying the beautiful evening and putting finishing touches on a totally redone beautiful house that I absolutely love and I was so at peace when it hit me finally exactly what Came from the fire !!!!

Kelly !!! That is what I gained !!!

Did you ever have someone in your life that you just werent sure you were gonna like ? I can remember thinking a year ago that I just wasnt sure if I liked her. She is so bossy I thought ! (sorry Kelly) She is always telling me that I have to do things that I dont want to do ! She is always asking me how I feel about things ? What am I doing now ? What am I doing tomorrow ? What did I buy at the scrapbook store ?
I didnt think I liked that  ! ?

See the problem was simple....I have never had a best friend !

Oh I've had people in my life that I was friends with. I had people in my life that I would do most anything for. But I have never had a best friend. A girl. Someone who knows what I am thinking. Someone who comes to me when I dont even know I need them yet ! Someone who is looking out for me when I am too confused to even look out for myself !

Thats what Kelly does. She is my best friend ! She is sharing my life with me. I have never had that. Never had someone other than my daddy or my husband that was close enough to me that what ever is going on in my day its not really finished until I have shared it with them. Kelly wasnt being bossy or nosey...she was just being my friend. (well she is bossy...hehe)

But I love her !

And I didnt discover this fact until after the fire.

Cold and Scared and Confused about how I would take the next steps....Every second of it....Kelly was there. Bossing me ! (LOL)

Telling me that "WE" could do this. On days, and there were many, that I cried, she was there to listen and hug me. On days when I didnt want to get out of my bed because I was so tired from the push to get my life back together she was right there at the door every morning to start again.

No matter what else I had to face the past three months...the one thing
I could count on ever day....was Kelly.

So tonight. I am setting here on my clean porch thanking God. For the chance to have the fire. Thanking God for the blessings he has given me. Thanking God for Kelly. For my best friend :)

Wonder why we cant see the end at the begining ? I guess it goes back to the faith thing. If we could just put our faith in God that whatever we are going thru right then....There is a blessing coming....wouldnt it be so much easier ! hehe....but I never do...I have to learn things the hard way usually. Atleast now...I can be thankful that God blessed me with the fire and thankful for the blessing he gave me in my new bestest friend Kelly. God is good.