Sunday, April 25, 2010

Purple Page

It hit me today after I put the page together that I have probably done a thousand pages now and this is the only one I can think of that was ever Purple !

I dont like Purple But when I found this pack of paper from Penny Lane & My Minds Eye at Michaels last week with all Purple Paper in it.....I had to have it :) Come on...Its My Minds Eye...Who could resist it...even if you dont like Purple...This is a beautiful stack of paper !!!

The page is somewhat based on the page in the Scrapbook Trends magazine by Kelly Goree on Page 119 of the May 2010 issue. Its a very loose translation of her page but I loved it when it was finished.

I have a little thing going right now with myself that every page that I make must contain a rub on from the many I have collected over the years and never used and atleast one item from the huge assortment of brads, etc that for some reason I have bought thousands and thousands of...but never used ! Also the ultimate goal would be to use a piece of the chipboard I have hoarded up as well on ever page ! You get the picture......I have toooooooo much stuff that I need to use before I buy the next thing.......self control....self control.....


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