Thursday, October 29, 2015

Seriously, it was Salt and Flour !!!

The most amazing part of crafting is sometimes when such common items turn into something so different than the ingredients used. This is one of those times. These adorable large country buttons are made from nothing more than salt, flour and a little water. They are hard as a brick and will last for years if stored in a dry environment. I like to store them in a small container that I keep in the dining room in a sideboard where other holiday decorations that are fragile get stored. So they don't get large changes in temperature. I have some that are many years old that we made when my 28 year old son Aaron was a boy. 

To begin with I will tell you that you can make almost any shape you wish with this recipe and decorate your home with small bowls of the items or decorated a seasonal tree like I love to do at our little home. There will be more posts on that for the next year as I attempt to leave my Christmas tree up and redecorate it all year for the new holidays...I know, But I think I can pull it off....

The ingredients in making the salt dough ornaments haven't changed from the millions you will find out there and there is really no need to look for anything to change since it works as it is and has for many generations. You can look at our Pinterest Board on salt dough to get more ideas of ways to make it and use it around your house by clicking here.

I began by dragging the electric mixer over to the center island to use for this just because I have a weak wrist right now and didn't want to kneed the dough by hand. I let it get it sorta mixed together and then finished up by hand on the cutting board.

Mix together either by hand or mixer

1 Cup of All Purpose Flour
1 Cup of Regular Salt (I used the cheap Walmart Brand for .50 cents for a container)
1/2 cup of warm water
(you can add in about a half a spice container of cinnamon if you want them to be scented)

Once you have it to a consistency that is about what is shown here in the photo, not unlike cookie dough in firmness, you will lay a layer of suran wrap down and roll out the dough. I make it a variety of thickness choices just so that I can have different sizes of ornaments.

As it bakes it does not rise (much) so what you have is what you get but it does become harder to dry quickly if you get it very thick.

Before I cut my shapes I like to cover the top with a piece of suran wrap so that when you press the cookie cutter into the dough it sorta rounds off the edges. It just makes it look less like you cut it with a cookie cutter and more like it was handcrafted. I do some both ways so I have a variety.

I have a bunch of choices in cookie cutters that I got from Walmart in the baking isle that came 101 cookie cutters in the box for only about $10.00. You can watch yardsales and thrift shops for good buys on cookie cutters. Hobby Lobby has some great ones that are for the holidays as well. 

You bake them in the over on a low temperature for a couple hours on a regular cookie sheet. I started out with mine on about 250 degrees but went up to 300 on a few thicker batches because I am impatient :) I baked pretty much all day, batch after batch to get this many ready for painting.

(And yes, I know, I have way more remote controls than I care to keep up with, LOL)

These buttons are my favorite of the ones I made today. They literally look like giant buttons. I am putting ribbons and threads and little bows on them now to give them a little extra wonderful. I used stain and rubbed in the cracks and wiped over them once I finished painting them so that they would look like they were old and then finished off by spraying all of them with a coat of spray clear finish. That made them really come to life and keeps the bugs out of them for years to come.

This is a great project for a day when you have a large family gathering. You can bake up several batches of them and then have a decorating party. Maybe a good way to keep the kids busy during Thanksgiving Day.
I used some beads and little things to spiff them up as well. They turned out great and next week when I put up the tree it will be fun to add them to my decorations.
I hope you seen something here that will help you to decide you want to do this craft with your family and hope you enjoyed sharing mine.
Oh, the little snowman below is totally my favorite as he was just what dough I had left over rolled into a rough stick and then painted up with a cute little eyes and a carrot nose and adorned with some gingham fabric. I think I am gonna go back and make an entire bowl of him just to sit around during January which is going to be my snowman decorating month in the new little house. 

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Do you think this would make a fun project for a Birthday Party ? Maybe a cupcake shaped one and each kid gets to take one home with them after they decorate them ? 


Monday, October 26, 2015

Who is Wendy & What is this site about...

This is a blog about my life. It will grow over the next few weeks and then will contain normal daily, weekly and monthly contests, give-a-ways and fun things to teach you how to do some of the things that I enjoy. Keep Reading to see what I am giving away today...Absolutely FREE !!!

I am a scrapbooker. I have invented and created products that sold on Home Shopping Network and in Scrapbooking shops around the World. I will be including Scrapbooking in this blog, of course ! I am also making up now some really cool prizes that you can win if you subscribe to the website on the homepage under the subscribe button and like us on facebook and repost the contest. That's a totally cool way to get more of your friends to be our friends and a great way for you to win some really cool stuff, huh :) 

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I am a geocacher. ( I have found over 16,000 geocaches around the country and am number two in finds in the state of West Virginia. I have a geocaching scavenger hunt trail in my town that I created with a friend called the Hatfield McCoy GeoTrail that has attracted geocachers from around the world and I had an accidental MEGA event in my yard when 518 people showed up to open the trail. This blog will certainly contain geocaching information.

I am a mom. I have two children, both boys. One is 10 and the other is 27. I like to say that I pace myself :) I admit that I am enjoying having the second son more than I did the first. I love them both but it just seems like it's easier the second time around. My body is older but so is my mind and that seems to make it easier for me to deal with the problems and challenges that come with having children. I learn from him daily and look forward to all that the future holds as his mom. This blog will certainly contain information about my life as a mother.

I am Bills Girl. Puddin' :) I know, gross, Right ? (LOL) I am the happiest that I have ever been in a relationship and this man is the best thing that ever happened to me. He has changed my life and made me a better mother, a better person, a better citizen, a better friend and there is nothing I would not do for him. He is my absolute happy place. This blog will absolutely contain random posts about our lives and adventures.

I am a crafter. A normal day in my life will contain some type of crafting activities. It's just part of what and who I am and Bill is as bad as I am at needing to make things with our hands. I love it and I hope to share some "how to" information with each of you so that you can learn to do some of the many crafts that we do in our home.

I am a quilter. Yes, I know, Where does the time come from...

I would need to live several lifetimes to do all the things that I enjoy. Let's just say that there will be lots of information here for most people who live lives and have a home and a family.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Repost Butterflies Template

While playing with the new
15 Butterflies & Dragonflies template that was recently released by Hot off the Press
I came up with this new little butterfly & bird that are made from a couple pieces of paper towel sandwiched between two pieces of fabric.

It can be made with a scrap of paper that matches your page as well. The paper towel can be stacked thicker to make the butterfly or bird thicker and have a more dimensional look on your page. In my samples I have laid down a piece of paper towel and layered it so that it is three thick and then put a piece of fabric that matched my scrapbook page and made a little sandwich out of the five layers.  

For the next step I used the 15  Butterflies & Dragonflies template to draw out a butterfly on the top layer.

I used my sewing machine to very quickly stitch along the outer edge of the butterfly. I dont sew ! So no special sewing skills are needed here ! This doesnt have to be perfect and if you use a matching thread to the fabric it will blend in. In my sample I used a black thread for contrast just so that the camera could pick up on the sewing. I used scissors to snip into the threads as close as I could get without cutting them and then used my paper scraper
to run back and forth along the edge of the butterfly to rough up the paper towel and fray the fabrics. I also ran my Tim Holtz ink along the edges of the butterfly to give it a prettier edge.

Hot off the Press has a full line of templates that range from circles to butterflies and they are very inexpensive and last you forever ! I posted a video on youtube of making the bird and butterflies so be sure to check them out ! I hope you love it !

see more of my scrapbook pages and photography at


My Scrapbook Spinner Template

It turns out that making a YouTube Video is a little stressful. I have spent the past four days trying to make a little video of how to use the new templates I designed and Hot Off the Press manufactured. Its crazy how many things that I say that I think...huh ? Who said that !? HEHE
I guess everyone sounds different than they think they do ? I know when I hear my voice on camera I almost dont know that its me ? Its very odd to hear my voice ? I mean I hear it in my head when Im talking but it doesnt sound the same as when I hear it played back as a recording.
Anyway, I finally just did it and thought I would forget caring if I sounded funny to me....and just put it up so that you can see how to use the new templates because so many people have asked where they can see it in action.
So check it out and if you need any more help with it just let me know and I will post a part two ! LOL
The template is availiable locally by me and if you want to order one online you can get them at several places I have found on the internet by clicking on them here from the sidebar under places Ive seen my templates for sale. The Hot off the Press website is
See the You tube video of how to use the template at


I am a blogger again :)

Keep a watch for the new blog to start....I am updating and gathering up great information for you on lots of fun things. Scrapbooking, Geocaching, Quilting, Home decorating, Online Money Making, Organization and More.... #youknowyouwantthat #wendyhackney