Sunday, October 25, 2015

Repost Butterflies Template

While playing with the new
15 Butterflies & Dragonflies template that was recently released by Hot off the Press
I came up with this new little butterfly & bird that are made from a couple pieces of paper towel sandwiched between two pieces of fabric.

It can be made with a scrap of paper that matches your page as well. The paper towel can be stacked thicker to make the butterfly or bird thicker and have a more dimensional look on your page. In my samples I have laid down a piece of paper towel and layered it so that it is three thick and then put a piece of fabric that matched my scrapbook page and made a little sandwich out of the five layers.  

For the next step I used the 15  Butterflies & Dragonflies template to draw out a butterfly on the top layer.

I used my sewing machine to very quickly stitch along the outer edge of the butterfly. I dont sew ! So no special sewing skills are needed here ! This doesnt have to be perfect and if you use a matching thread to the fabric it will blend in. In my sample I used a black thread for contrast just so that the camera could pick up on the sewing. I used scissors to snip into the threads as close as I could get without cutting them and then used my paper scraper
to run back and forth along the edge of the butterfly to rough up the paper towel and fray the fabrics. I also ran my Tim Holtz ink along the edges of the butterfly to give it a prettier edge.

Hot off the Press has a full line of templates that range from circles to butterflies and they are very inexpensive and last you forever ! I posted a video on youtube of making the bird and butterflies so be sure to check them out ! I hope you love it !

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