Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Scrapbook Spinner Template

It turns out that making a YouTube Video is a little stressful. I have spent the past four days trying to make a little video of how to use the new templates I designed and Hot Off the Press manufactured. Its crazy how many things that I say that I think...huh ? Who said that !? HEHE
I guess everyone sounds different than they think they do ? I know when I hear my voice on camera I almost dont know that its me ? Its very odd to hear my voice ? I mean I hear it in my head when Im talking but it doesnt sound the same as when I hear it played back as a recording.
Anyway, I finally just did it and thought I would forget caring if I sounded funny to me....and just put it up so that you can see how to use the new templates because so many people have asked where they can see it in action.
So check it out and if you need any more help with it just let me know and I will post a part two ! LOL
The template is availiable locally by me and if you want to order one online you can get them at several places I have found on the internet by clicking on them here from the sidebar under places Ive seen my templates for sale. The Hot off the Press website is
See the You tube video of how to use the template at

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