Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blog Challenge #6: Paper Flowers:

Okay, This one I had to give a try ! I mean... everyone who knows me knows that there is Nothing I like more than a new stack of My Minds Eye Paper !
My Stacks of My Minds Eye Paper are kept next to my window in my scrapbook room...HeHe...In case the house is on fire I can make an effort to save them !

So here is what I came up with for the Challenge

The flowers are made using old wash cloths that are stained up !
(I have stacks of them that are left over from the Bed & Breakfast )

The shape of the flower isn't really a new idea as most everyone makes little circle disk flowers these days..but the washcloth is certainly a new play on the usual flower !

Dont you think they are adorable !

1. I traced out circles in four sizes and cut them out of an old wash cloth.
2. I used a piece of wax paper to cover the table while spraying the glimmer mist spray onto the wash cloth and then I used the cut out circles of fabric to sorta "sop" up the extra glimmer mist.

3. I stacked the circles and put a brad thru the centers and placed them on the page.
4.Then I used the piece of wax paper I had laid down to cut out more circles and made flowers from it as well...since it already had glimmer mist on it ! 
The Paper flower on the bottom of the page is made using scraps from the My Minds eye Paper that I made the page with.

The Paper on the Page is from the Pretty Please line and I love it !!! Like all My Minds Eye Papers !!!

Here is a photograph of the page as laying it into my scanner squished it just a bit...Hehe !

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