Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Christmas Ornaments

I put the christmas tree up today and I was so excited to open the box of ornaments and go thru them. Its funny how I can hold them in my hand and be transported to another place and time. I love the ornaments that I have had for years the most of coarse. I only have a few that have survived time, space, packing, unpacking, marriage, divorce and life on the whole but those few are precious to me and I hope to always have them.

The tree is beautiful and stuffed with ornaments....Mikey was searching for a branch so hard at the end....I love it that way and hope that every year it gets heavier and fuller and the branches get weak from the weight of them all ! It makes me happy to look at them!

I am working on the tree at the front entrance and I am excited about it. I am doing a scrapbook themed tree and I hung all of my scissors on it and made little tiny scrapbook pages all over. I used little coasters that I have collected from restaurants over the past year and made tiny copies of the pages that I like most by using my scanned images of my pages and printing them at a fraction of the normal size until it fit onto the little coasters and used the tape runner to paste the little pages to the coasters on one side.

I punched two holes in the tops of the coasters and made ribbon hangers for them and they are so adorable ! I can only see one problem....
I need more !!!!


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