Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Pumpkin House Finally & The most beautiful words that I ever heard !!!

The Pumpkin House turned out to be pretty amazing. Its located in Kenova West Virginia and we had been trying to see it for nearly two weeks. We ended up going on October 30th and I have never seen anything like the amount of people who were there ! Its just a guys yard. Its not a special venue or a park or anything public. It is a guy who owns a big house and for the past 27 years he has grown this yearly event into what it is now. He was featured this year on several national and local news segments.

I know that they must not have a single blade of grass left on their (or their neighbors) lawn when this event is over ! It was very beautiful and it was unreal that you could just cut this many different things into the side of a pumpkin. I also dont recall that as much as we walked around and looked that I ever saw a duplicate. I couldnt help but think that this guy was amazing...and maybe a little crazy !

The WSAZ news crew was there and Tim Irr and Carrie Cline were there doing a story and a young guy was asking his girlfriend to marry him in the middle of it. It was sweet and she said yes !

While there we fought with Mikey probably harder than ever in a public place. He is four and just this year started school so he goes to bed pretty early. On most any night he will be in the bed at 8 and asleep by 9. There are exceptions of coarse but for us to be two hours away from home after a full day of school at dark....It was going to be a long, sleepy night for the little man !

Mikey was so hyper and grouchy and misbehaving ! I laughed inside myself that his head was gonna spin any second from excitement. You can see here on his face how miserable he was for sleep. Daddy was more than frustrated... it was certainly one of those times that you question your decision to even go ! He of coarse had to wear his Mario costume again.

One of the most beautiful moments of my life took place while there....It is funny that just at the moment that I am frustrated with Mikey he will give me a moment that I am sure will never be forgotten.

We were all very tired and ready for bed with an hour and a half or two hour drive still ahead of us and it was now around 11:30 at night and we had yet to eat any dinner. So we went into the Cheddars there in Ashland for some strength for the drive... It was taking forever and Mikey laid his head over in my lap and looked up into my eyes he was as serious and as honest as anything I have ever heard him say.....he was tired and laying in my lap and feeling comforted by my hand rubbing across his hair when he said.... "Mommy, Will you marry me" ?

I have no problem telling you that it was the single most beautiful words that I have ever heard spoken !!!

Big Mike said he knew right then that he had lost me !
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