Friday, October 23, 2009

The Pumpkin House & Beautiful Fall Leaves in West Virginia

I can't even say how much I enjoyed our day. The big plan was to slip away and spend the afternoon with Mike hunting in the woods. A very rare occasion that we get to do something without little Mikey. I guess we just don't make time to do things without him... We laugh that when we are not with him we just spend the whole time wishing he were there ! Nonetheless, we slipped away while he was in school and it was such a pleasant fall day.

I don't know that I have ever seen the leaves look more beautiful than they do right now. The colors are wonderful. I know I must have said over and over to Mike and Mikey....just look at those trees ! I think I have never seen them as bright and with as many varieties of color as there are this year. Especially in the Charleston/Huntington area of the State.

We planned all week to go to Kenova, WV....Seriously we talked about it every day for a week that we would drive to Kenova,WV to see the big Pumpkin House. So we picked up Mikey from school and out we set for the two hour drive. A wonderful evening with the boys. (see the video)Mikey was pleasant and we played "eye spy" over and over during the drive while again discussing the beautiful fall colors ! I thought it would be nice to video the arrival at the pumpkin house. So just as we got into town I whip out the video camera and set the whole thing up. Here we are in Kenova, West Virginia or KY I borders confuse me ! As we turn down the street we are all three so excited....How many pumpkins will there be ? Will there be lots of people ? Wonder if he carves them all himself ? Camera in hand, narrations ago.....there it is ! A beautifully painted victorian house........without a pumpkin in sight ! The pumpkin house turns out isn't until next week !
So instead we took photos of the house and all the scaffolding that he puts up around the house and pieces of wood that he puts everywhere to hold the hold the week !
We had a good laugh and the drove down his street looking at how absolutely beautiful his neighbors yards were with the millions of leaves laying on the ground beneath the trees. Next week....we are gonna go back and see the pumpkins !
Mike swore instantly that I had planned the whole thing just to trick him into the two hour drive to hobby lobby ! Which of coarse we ended up going to immediately upon leaving the "no" pumpkins house ! Hehe

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