Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mikey's Scrapbooks & Walks to school

Mikey is in Pre-K now and we live about a block and a half from school. I am not sure what the heck we are gonna do when there is snow on the ground because he will not settle for driving the car to school in the morning. We absolutely must walk ! Now I will admit that most days this is a pain....

Our morning is probably not unusual to most families and mommies. We jump up late and struggle to find clean uniform pants. I cant seem to keep him in the pants. They just shrink about three inches at the bottom it seems in days. (or his legs are getting longer) We find the pants and gather a shirt, shoes, socks, clean underwear, etc and I fight with him to roll over and let me get his clothes on. Usually by the time we are doing all of this Daddy has already gotten up and headed down to fix breakfast for our Bed and Breakfast guests. He is an awesome breakfast fixer.

Mikey and I come down and eat cereal usually and I make the attempt to pretend to guests that I dont absolutely hate mornings ! I pretend that I a like to talk about where they are from and what they are doing in town. I do care. I just usually dont really have time to talk to them right now because I always oversleep. I just cant get up on time. My favorite sleep always happens from five to seven in the morning.

Once the lunch is packed and breakfast is eaten Mikey and I go out the door. Daddy will walk him to school every chance he gets that we dont have guests eating breakfast. I am a good substitue but he prefers his daddy's stories. Thats okay with me. I love to watch them together. I have spent many a morning on the side walk watching them as they putter down the street together headed off for the day.

Its the same thing most every day on our walk to school. He chases the four cats between here and the end of Fifth Avenue and he stops at the church to look at the sign out front that changes regularly. We say...Come on Mikey we are late ! Then he realzies we are "in Front" and he rushes to catch up and get ahead. Same thing every morning. By the time we are at the end of the street he has a hole in the yard on the corner that he must stop and step in. He says, This is Aunt Susan's yard and this is Aunt Susan's hole. We plug on with only a half a block to go. Watch for cars at the corner ! Dont step on that broken glass. Your gonna cut your foot open ! Hold hands Mikey watch out for cars coming out of the parking lot at school when we go down the alley. Kisses. Huggs. I love you's. Hello Joey ! ( Joey is his little friend and the very first thing that he talks about most days when I pick him up from school )

I guess those walks to school are important. I guess those are things that he will remember when he is grown. I spend alot of time trying to scrapbook his life and sometimes I forget to live mine !

This page was made using a layout template system that I have. It is a plastic system with tons of shapes and you quickly lay it out on a piece of paper to design a page. I got it a few years ago at the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Tusla, Oklahoma. It is discountinued now I think and I cant even remember what it is called.  I love this photo of Mikey that we snapped on our morning walk to school on picture day. (I know...I know...Everyday is picture day in Mikey's world ! hehe) I fear the child will hate having his life handed to him in a book ! I think I will just have to keep these scrapbooks locked in the safe and someday years from now when he is grown and has children of his own I can present them as gifts for birthdays and christmas presents to his wife and children. Maybe. We will see how hard it is to give them away ! They may have to wait til I die and get them !

You can see that the dimensions are written on the templates and that makes it easier if you are cutting some of the pieces out on your cutter. You can also build the page and then pick the pieces up and trace them. I never end up doing the page exactly like the layout so I just build the page and lay it to the side to look at while making up the pieces for the page.

This new button punch is from Martha Stewart and it is adorable. I love it. It came from Michaels the last trip I made with my scrapbook friend Renee and it is great for making buttons that match your pages. I tried to get a photo so you can see the dimension on the button but in case you cant tell the punch makes the button raised or embossed around the edges.
Somthing I have fallen in love with is a stitch that I saw a girl do on her blog. I love and copy most every page she does !!!  She uses tons of flowers and bling and distresses everything she touches. I love her pages and love how she puts tons of paper together and things that seem to not match at all will go together for her. I am totally a fan and scraplift ideas from her pages all the time. I copy them sometimes as close as I can get without having to call her up and ask her what paper she used. I will be sure to put a link when I copy her pages so you can buy her kits if you would like. I think she sells them. be sure to check her blog out if you get time. Her site is     I am off to clean rooms and face the day. I hardly get started and its time to make that journey back to the school for Mikey. We do the car for pick ups because he wants McDonalds the second school lets out !
Tomorrow I am gonna take more time and enjoy our walk to school....

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