Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thank you Holly Fossen

I must admit I was excited when I met Holly Fossen in Charlotte a few years ago. She is an awesome gal and I like to say...She is a party in Shoes ! A barrel of laughter and spot on honest about what she thinks. Qualities that are hard to come by in a person.
She calls me "crazy" Wendy. Something about my gun safe and the message that hung on it with the code so that robbers could open the safe and see that nothing but scrapbooks where inside...???....something about that made her think of calling me "crazy" Wendy. (HeHe)
I mention her because I was setting here today thinking about what I would post to a blog ? What would I say or talk about if I had a blog? I thought about our guests at the Bed and Breakfast and Scrapbooking and my two sons. I guess I have thoughts about most everything just like everyone else does.
Then I thought of what is on my mind today...
My templates ! I guess they are just little pieces of plastic and maybe not that exciting to other people but for me they are a huge source of pride. Something that I thought of. Something that I created in my head one day while scrapbooking.
Then my thoughts turned to Holly.
Holly made this possible and Holly deserves the credit for that dream coming true.
So today I just want to say thank you to Holly Fossen from Tampa Florida for her time and connections and for all the work that she put into my two little pieces of plastic ! hehe ! Thank you for your friendship and for your honesty and for opening your home and your life to me over the past two years.
Thank you for my templates !!!

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