Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday with my little family

We had a nice family day. I had my camera in the car so we stopped to get a few photos in the beautiful fall leaves. I think we take for granted how absolutely wonderful the fall colors are in the area this time of the year. I know I do. Driving along on the route between my house and Huntington
West Virginia today I was struck by how bright and wonderful the colors of the trees were. We grabbed the camera and tripod and here we are. Photos. Who would of thought ! Lol 

Now I just have to scrapbook them ! Speaking of...scrapbooking...yeah...I got four new packs of My minds eye paper from Hobby Lobby today that I love ! Anyone who knows me knows I just cant hardly pass up a pack of My minds eye paper !

These photos we just snapped along the route to Huntington. It was fun. We pulled up on the four lane and jumped out and I threw up the tripod while Mike and Mikey got into position ! I so gotta get the little photo button so that I can snap the photo without running into the shot while the timer is beeping !

We went to eat which is always an adventure with Mikey and went to the Halloween store. It was fun. Mikey tried on over a dozen hats and laughed and ran and played.....we said we thought his head was gonna spin around he was so excited ! Big Mike bought a pair of hands that you wear that are really creepy. He wore them into hobby lobby and all the way home in the car while we drove back (listening to the WVU / Marshall game ) He enjoyed the people in the cars along side of us looking at his funny hands. He is silly.

Overall I would say we enjoyed our day together. It was a beautiful fall day in Southern West Virginia and I was with my boys and bought new scrapbook paper and got photos to scrapbook...It was the perfect day ! (smile)

You can see more of our photos at
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