Thursday, October 15, 2009

Haunted Bed & Breakfast ?

Okay so give me your thoughts ? Mike and I were having a conversation about the Bed & Breakfast and if it would scare folks away if we mentioned in our blog that we have a lingering "ghost" ? It isnt a bad ghost. I promise. I have always felt like Mrs Linkous just hangs out. I never met Mrs. Linkous. But I think she and I have the love of this ole house in common. I have never really believed in ghosts until living in this house. So are you scared yet ? LOL  Mrs. Linkous lived here in this house for most of the 92 years she was alive. I just think she isnt ready to give the house up ?

I can tell so many stories about our visits from Mrs. Linkous. It has been a while since i had more than just a presence feeling behind me as I climb the steps alone at night but she seems to come and go. Thankfully, right now seems to be in a "go" time.

We have had two times that those debunk crews have called us and asked if we would like to do a night where they come in and set all the equipment up and try to see if they can prove or disprove the ghost presence. I agreed once but chickend out. I wouldnt want to feel scared in my own home and I dont see why we should mind "if" Mrs Linkous wants to hang out in her house. I guess in 27 rooms theres enough space for me and her both ! LOL

Ive only had a couple guests who have had expierences with her. Once we had a Dr. who said to me in the  morning...Did you need me last night ? I said, no, of coarse and he said well you didnt knock on my door at around two this morning did you ? He said that he heard someone knock and he got up and said, yes ? But no one answered so he went back to bed. I said...Nope...Not me ! And didnt mention it to him but he was our only guest that night.

Then one time my daddy was working up on the third floor and he said that he had that feeling..ya theres someone under your he turned around and the door to the room that he was in just blew closed ! He said he you like what we have done to your house Mrs Linkous?

Then when Mikey was a little toddler he would be standing in a room and he would reach up into the air like he was wanting someone to pick him up...that would freak us out ! Ya know how little babies reach up both arms to ya...we would be setting in a room and he would be there and we would look over at him playing and he would reach up in the air both arms like he was wanting someone to pick him up and there was no one there !

One time Mike was out of town on business and me and Mikey were here alone. At the time Mikey was a baby and I was scared to go upstairs when Mike wasnt here so we slept on the first floor that night and I heard something in the coke room (a guest sitting room on the first floor) and I went to see what it was and the toy train that runs around the ceiling in the coke room was running full blast ! No one but me and Mikey were in the house at the time ! The knob had been turned to full blast ! The knob is located inside a closet and the closet door at the time had no handle on it so you would have to get a butter knife to open the door and then reach inside to turn the train on !

Mike has less obvious encounters with her. He is the official breakfast cooker here and claims ownership of the kitchen. He has nearly a weekly event where the grill that he cooks on in the morning is "mysteriously" turned off in the middle of frying bacon ! This happens alot !

My kitchen encounter is fairly often too only she turns the light off. There are two light switches in the room. One as you go in and one as you go out the other side and you turn the light on at one switch and off at the other. Then the lights both have cords that hang down and we never touch them. In fact we cant reach them in the 10 foot ceiling. So a couple times a month I will be in the kitchen and turn the light off and go out and the next time I walk into the room and turn the light on only one of the two lights will come on. I think to myself every time...oh...darn...the light is blown ! Then I get a bulb and climb up there to find that the pull switch as been pulled to the off postion ! (no one but me here )

I will have to remember more of the stories. I have gotten so used to it that it doesnt even bother me now. I just feel like its Mrs Linkous. Once and I mean only hesitant to say....I saw her out of the corner of my eye....that doesnt happen often and in six years here I only had the visual once....but I was standing at the sink and  I just had that feeling that someone was standing at the stove and out the corner of my eye I had the visual that someone was standing beside me and of coarse when I turned my head to look there was no one there.

So what do ya think ? Is that too scary to put on the Linkous House blog ? I mean I dont want to scare people away...hehe...its a very wonderful old house. Its the oldest house in Williamson. It was built in 1896 by Mrs Linkous' grandmother. The house qualifies for the National Historic Register but we didnt want to do it because there are so many restrictions on what you can do to the house once you put it on the register and I want new siding and gutters and windows and none of that is really allowed if you put it on the register. We named the house after Mrs Linkous because it was sorta known as the Linkous house because of its history in the town and I felt it was a good way to honor her. Its a wonderful house and we feel very blessed to get to live here and take care of it for Mrs Linkous and so far she hasnt ran us off ! hehe

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