Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Guts

Pumpkin Guts !

Im not sure what they are really called. Just seeds? IKD ? But I can see why looking at them you might put together that they are the "Guts" inside a pumpkin.

For four year olds Im sure that sticking your hand inside to pull out oooey gooey sticky seeds is probably an adventure !

Mrs Amy had the kids to make a jack-o-lantern today at school with the help of two of the Notre Dame students who are visiting Sacred Heart this week. The fun part I think was the Pumpkin "Guts". Genesis had no problem with the guts...In fact she thought they tasted good ! Halie wasnt bashful about it either. Mikey thought the whole thing was creepy ! We are excited about going to the Pumpkin House tomorrow in Kenova, West Virginia.  It looks like alot of fun and lets face it....
events + photos = scrapbook pages !
You can see more of the photos I took from the pumpkin day activities on
the sacred heart tab at
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