Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween & Trick or Treat is alot of work ! Mikey was totally ready to bust with excitement. From the moment he got home from School he was ready to go. We have to go to my parents house every year just to let my mom and daddy see him. I guess thats more just for me but every year we take him to see them before trick or treat starts. I guess I know that someday I wont be able to do that and want to squeeze it in for as long as possible. He goes upstairs to see his "upstairs mama" which is what he calls my grandmother, his great grandmother because she lives upstairs in an appartment at my parents house.

He was Mario from the Super Mario Brothers. He had known for months that he wanted to be Mario. He said over and over again to us and to anyone else who would listen...."this is the best Halloween ever" !!!
It cracks me up because I really dont think that he can remember any of the other Halloweens before this one but he still keeps insisting that this is the best one ever !
We let him go in the mall thinking that it would be the safest place and lets face it...I didnt know that it was the big thing that it turned out to be ! I bet you there were a thousand people in the contest area. He walked up onto the stage and pranced over to the lady with the mircrophone and she asked his name and he looked at her like she was so under-educated..."how can she not know the answer" was written all over his face....she of coarse wanted his name...ya know...Mikey Baisden...but he popped out with...I'm Mario !!! He got a good crowd laugh for that one !

He had a couple little school friends who were there as well and his daddy and I both enjoy watching him with the other kids so much. We are not special I guess....We just love our boy like most people love their we thought that he was the very cutest thing ever. He got a little ribbon in the contest for something...I don't even know was like 3rd place in the "cute" category and he has wore it around all evening telling our guests that he "won" the contest ! 
I'm sure that there are several scrapbook pages to follow !

See all the photos from the mall and trick or treat by clicking on the slide show on the sidebar on this blog
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