Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Page & Layout ideas

This page is made using a layout designed by me on a page layout system that I have had for several years but never used. I have been playing with it to try to get more photos on a page. Its hard because my preference is to do pages that have lots of filly things on them and then I dont get as many photos onto the page as I probably should. ( I am trying Renee !) I also tend to not do two page layouts....I am gonna work on that later too ! (I promise Kelly...more two page layouts !)

The page has some standard detailing on it that I typically do on every page but assuming that some of you are beginners I will point those details out.

First I love to layer paper. Any paper will work together if it has the same colors or if it comes from the same paper stack. Literally I could pick any two sheets of paper out of a paper pad and make them work together on a page ! (come on know you love paper as much as I do !) You can see on this page that one way I make all the paper come together is that I use my Tim Holtz inks  ( and rub the edges of everything in a unifying color. As long as the paper is inked up in the same edge color...It works !
On this page a couple details to point out that I used are that I used a piece of this new border strip that I love and ran it down the side of the page on the right but it came in white so I used my Tim Holtz ink again and just ran it over the edge strip and made it pink/red  which matched the edges on the rest of the paper and tied it all together nicely.

To bring in the green and add some sparkle...which we scrapbookers love...I used little green "bling" things ( and attatched them along the little flower strip. The edging on the strip of paper down the right side in the background is a Martha Stewart Edge punch that I got recently that I love !  You can never have to many punches or border punches ! Its just not possible. (
The jounaling is done using my label maker and again I ran my finger thru the Tim Holtz ink and drug it over the paper to make it match the details on the rest of the page. You can do this with a little piece of cloth and your fingers wont be red the rest of the day like mine ! But I kinda like the look of scrapbook ink on my

This butterfly is of coarse one that I made using my butterfly templates.(

If you use this layout to make a page please send it to me at
and I will post it for others to see ! I will try to put up more layouts monthly and will even be doing contests where we let guests of the blog vote on who they think should win "best page" from the entries ! Good luck !

You could easily turn this layout into a two page spread as with any layout by simply mirroring the page. A trick I have learned is if you dont like it to be totally symetrical then do one page and turn the layout one turn to the left or right and repeat the layout that way and it matches but isnt identical. So you could have a title on one page going across the top of the page and the page next to it your title area may would run down the side.

I hope you are all scrapbookers and if you are not....Get one pretty pad of paper and lets get you started ! Can you remember every little cute thing that your child has said ? Of coarse you cant. None of us can. Thats why I scrapbook. So that I can look back and pass down the memories of his childhood and my life as I see it. No one will ever be able to tell the story of "your" memories like you can ! Just imagine what it will mean to your kids and grandkids and the generations to come to have those memories all documented for them.

Happy scrapbooking !

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