Thursday, October 22, 2009

My list (from Years ago) of things I want to see in the World

I made this list years ago. Some of the things on the list I have gotten to see. I mark them out as I get to go to the places on the list. I also add new things to the bottom of the list as I discover the new things that are out there that I would love to get to go see...this list grows all the time and sometimes I see things and didnt even realize they existed til after I have already found myself there. Its a big world. The thing I am most thankful for is that I see most of these things...with Mikey & his eyes

Paris, France, The Eiffel Tower
Puerto Rico
Bastogne, Germany & the area at the Battle of the Bulge
The Grand Canyon
New York City's Central Park
The Beautiful Statue Of Liberty
Dallas Texas and the Texas School Book depository where Kennedy was killed.
Washington DC and all the monuments
Mount Rushmore
The Giant Sequoia
The St Louis Arch
El Capitan
Yosemite National Park
Hershey PA
Gettysburg PA
New Orleans
Victoria Falls
The Dead Sea
Stay at a B&B in England Someplace
The Mall of America
The Queen
Have 1,000,000 in my checkbook
A setting President of the United States (george bush & bill clinton)
The Christmas tree lighting in Rockerfella Plaza
The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
The Golden Gate Bridge
The Leaning tower of Pisa
The Hollywood Sign
The Walk of Fame
The Left water (hehe..Pacific)
Disney world
Pittsburg after dark
Ellis Island
Central Park
The sears tower in Chicago
The World trade Center
Set in on the gallery while congress votes
See inside the house chambers in the house of representatives
Go on the tour of the White House
Grand ole opry
San Antonio Texas & the Alamo
Boston Harbor after dark(one of the most beautiful things ever saw)
Wright Patterson Airforce Base
The Smithsonian Institute
The thinker statue(I saw the one at Columbia U-need to see original)
Pan for Gold (didnt like it after I did it)
See something no one but me and God have ever seen (I dug for gems in NC and found a 27 carrot ruby that no one but me and God had ever seen) then i ran and showed it to everyone there ! hehe
Go into an underground coal mines
Arlington National Cemetary
The grassy nole & the book depository in Texas
Las Vegas (landed once there but didnt see it)
The desert
Mount Vernon
New york City ( Ive gotten to go many times now and love it )
The Brooklyn Bridge (u have to eat pizza under it on the brooklyn side...some of the best pizza in the US)
Shaker Village
Cape Canaveral
Tampa Bay
home Shopping Network studios
Cross the Eastern Continental Divide
Cross an international Dateline
The super bowl
A World Series
A tornado
A Volcano
The French Quarter
Times Square
Atlantic City
Stand on The Four Corners (where arizona,new mexico,utah and colorado meet)
Washington State
French Riviera
The Liberty Bell
The Declaration of Independence
The Biltmore Estate
Great Smoky Mountains
Albany New York
Martha's Vineyard
Tombstone, Arizona
Ohio State Reformatory where Shawshank was filmed
The great wall of China
The wailing wall
A pryamid
Go on a cruise
The Rocky Mountains
Cross the Western Continental Divide
Go to Timbucktu
Ride on Hwy 101 from top to bottom
Cross the border into Mexico
Cross the border into Canada
Drive on Route 66
See the Hover Dam
Niagra Falls
Ole Faithful
Catch a fish big enough to mount and mount it !
Kill a deer while hunting
invent something
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