Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19th Progress on the Linkous House

In what has become ten of the hardest days of my life...second only to the 10 that followed the hysterectomy last June, I have pushed to finish the work on The Linkous House to open for business again on the First day of April. We are so excited to welcome our guests again this year.

One room at a time it is all coming together. The first floor is complete with a few tiny exceptions such as a stove and fridge. However, I have started to think that maybe I am not getting another stove ? hmm ? Maybe it isnt really on order. Maybe Mike is not letting me have another one since I was
so careless with the last one ?

The first guest room to be totally completed and ready for guests is the Papper room. The room is named after our first guest when we opened the bed & breakfast 6 years ago. 
Jim "Papper" has became a very dear friend to us.

On days when I am frustrated with the Bed and Breakfast game...I always think of Papper. I think of him and how had we not gotten into this business we would not know him or other wonderful people that we have taken in over the past several years.

I am posting a few photos here of the room today. I need to get a photographer to come do photos of the rooms when we are totally finished to use on the website. I cant seem to get photos I like on the second floor. The room is beautiful though. The quilts in that room make me so happy. I think I might sleep there tonight.

We have also finished the dining room on the first floor.

This is the front living room. I love love love it :)

(I still need some area rugs and a few things)

(fridge and stove come in next week)

(still gotta get the dishwasher in that hole)

Thank You every one who has sent well wishes and said prayers and words of encouragement during the past two months of renovations. It has been long and hard and we are so excited to get back in business again very soon.

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