Friday, March 26, 2010

We moved back into our house !!!! Yeah !!!!!

So the progress on the Linkous House is really good. We have moved home and are cooking and living in the house now. Yeah ! I am so thankful !!! Yes, we have more to do....the basement is full of things that need gone thru and fixed up and I have a few details to get together but for the most part we have survived.

(me down behind the stove wiring it up when it came)
I looked so horrible this day Kelly just had to snap a photo ! Lol

I lost 15 pounds from Jan 2 to March 2 from all the hard work and I have determined that it will only take me half that to put it all back with all the cooking that we are doing in the new kitchen the past two days.

(My & Mikey's homemade chocolate chip cookies...yummy they were good)

Breakfast this morning was nice. We had our first guests and tonight we have a full house. It reminded me today standing in the new kitchen talking to guests that we love what we do here. Tonight I looked past the nice beautiful living room into Mikes office and saw Mike setting at the desk, Dr Chemma setting on the desk and Rod from the Hospital perched up on Mikeys tiny chair in the office and figured out....we gotta have a couch in the office ! lol   I love sharing our home with guests. I love it. I love their stories and learing who they are and about their lives. I love it when they say they slept like they were home. That makes me happy.

I am going to pop in the room with camera in hand tomorrow morning and snap a photo of everyone eating. I am excited for Mike and I to prepare breakfast again for them all. I hope It goes as smoothly as it did in Mrs Linkous old Kitchen.

I made the best homemade chocolate chip cookies in there yesterday and today made homemade lemon pie. Made breakfast buritos today and practiced up on my omelet making tonight :) 

Now in another week I think I will be up and ready for scrapbooking !!!!! That is when I will know its all over and done....when I get to set down and scrapbook again ! 

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