Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Really quickly I wanted to post up a couple pics of The Progress on the Kitchen at the Linkous House B&B. It was wonderful today :) Its March 9th and we have a kitchen almost !!! yeah

I must admit that today I had to just set in the room when the crews were all gone and have myself a little bit of a cry. I couldnt help myself. It is so wonderful to see this mess almost over. It still needs lots of countertops, baseboards, sinks, appliances, etc but it got cabinets today built by Dave Wilks Cabinet Co and they have totally impressed me with what they can do. Thanks Guys !
The Painters (Mike Steele) made the walls this beautiful red that I was sorta getting worried
about..hehe...but now I totally LOVE !!!!

Okay gotta go...more to come...

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