Monday, February 22, 2010

Catching up again :)

So I have a few things to catch up really fast

I sent out blog candy this past week and templates, etc won over the past month that I have been so behin on....But I just realized that I think I didnt send all of Billena's to her....Sorry Billena I hope you liked the goodies but today the kit you won was curiously still laying on the table in my room...hmm? Do I have two of them or did you not get it ? (my brain doesnt work right now)

Then I need to tell the Jan 21 blog candy winner...Congrats !
Jami you won my blog candy this week for commenting on my blog :) Send me your address and I will send it right out...hehe...while I am (almost) caught up !!!

Everyone be sure to stop by this week to comment for this weeks chance to win something will be a surprise this week because I am going to CKC on Saturday and Sunday and I thought I would pick up something special from there :) So be sure to check back this week.

And yes....I am so excited about the trip to Louisville Ky for the CKC. I never grow tired of going shopping in a convention floor for scrapbook supplies. My friend Kelly and I are going on Saturday and Sunday and its a little special because this weekend is my 40th Birthday ! (its okay...its okay...its okay...hehe)

Here is my page for this weeks sketch from Pamelas World of Scraps. Dont you just love her tree sketch !

what else ? hmm ?

The progress on the Linkous House is going good. We will be back to the pre-fire stage in another 5 weeks or so. The drywall is up and the kitchen is starting to look like a room again. I am so excited for this whole mess to be over so we can go home. I miss my scrapbooking life so bad :(

(this was the kitchen last thursday)
(and this is the kitchen today)

The photo of my husbands bathroom makes me so happy ! It was the first room that was back to total normal and all ready to use. Now on to the rest of this monster house....It is starting to come together now.

PS. Kelly you need to help me remember to take photos of me cleaning the mess up...I keep forgetting to get photos of me...hehe

(my brother Tatar working on the kitchen)

(Michael J working on the kitchen)
I laugh that because my brother is a coal miner he knows how to work and keep clean ! Mike is a salesman and when he works he gets so filthy ! Lol

You can see updated photos of this weeks progress at my flickr account :)

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