Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My very special Grandma Page

It is taking me much longer to make pages these days. So many things at the Linkous House need done in fixing up the mess I made with the fire. So I used to be able to scrap so many more pages in a week while waiting for guests to check in :(
Now I am lucky to do a page in a week. Shew. Withdrawl !!!!

I know I keep saying this but I LOVE STICKLES !!! The thickers letters on the title were blue and didnt match.....so....STICKLES was my answer. I used cotton candy color stickles to just fill in the top of each of the letters and now they look so pretty in real life. (and I managed to let them dry without smearing them)

The tree is a pattern for the sure cuts a lot software and your cricut that I cut out last night. How cute is that tree ? Its called "retro tree" if you go looking for it to download for your cricut to cut out.

This page has taken me several days to do because of all the hand and machine stitching. I love the page though. Especially the square in the background that is done with the sewing machine....Love that...I took a square and laid down on the page and then used my ruler to mark off a little smaller square and then used the sewing machine to draw in the squares. In person this page is way prettier than in the scan. I hate it when a scan doesnt look as good as the actual page but I guess thats because I love the dimensional look and feel of the pages and when you scan them they flatten out :)


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