Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A few more Christmas updates

Well it's been a few more days of work in the little house on Christmas decorations. 

I made two rag tied garlands. One for the stairs and one for the mantle to match. 

I have a feeling this garland is going to get done over and over throughout the year for different holidays. 

It's hard to get a photo of how warm and wonderful it is but trust me in the room it really makes it feel like Christmas !!

See how harsh the led lights are compared to the old fashioned lights. I am so tempted to remove everything and get rid of the led lights. I hate how blue they look. They are actually clear !!

The little steps display on the new stove looks awesome and my homemade gingerbread sour dough ornaments could not have turned out better. 

There are tons of places online where you can find recipes for that and it's so worth giving a try. I will link HERE to my previous post on that. 

Now off to work on the kitchen decorations...

Do you decorate every room in your house for the holidays ???
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