Friday, November 6, 2015

The Rain Drops

Sitting here alone in my tears this morning I took a moment to stop and pray.

I feel paralyzed by a problem I have going on in my life. I have been physically just Ill dealing with it for four months now and it has exhausted me in every way. 

At what is the happiest time ever in my life I have this gnawing problem that keeps keeping me up at night and waking me in the morning. I am angry because I should be able to enjoy this moment where I am in love with this wonderful man and my son is fed and happy and we are safe and in a new home and filled with happiness but this little unresolved thing over here just keeps controlling my situation. 

I have been sitting here in my car trying to gather the strength to face another day where this problem controls my life and it was pouring the rain and suddenly all I could think is that God knew every single one of these drops of rain on my windshield. He created them and let them go at exactly the right moment and stopped them when exactly the right amount of water had covered His Earth. 

God is in control.

I really do believe with all that I am that God knows my problem. He cares for my pain and he wants better for my life than for me to live with this eating at me. 

This moment I vow to myself that I will let go and trust God and believe that when the exact right amount of water has hit the ground...God WILL stop the rain. 

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