Sunday, May 9, 2010

My brother Dee Page

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This page was fun to do because of all the layers but mostly because the whole time I was making it I was thinking about my little brother Dee. He isnt my Little Brother...He is a year almost older than me...I tease that My mom must have gotten pregnant on the way home from the hospital with me after having him because from Feb til April he and I are the same age.
The Journal tags on this page say...
When I rmember you as my brother I think back and I see a little boy that was rotten. you were so skinny and yet you were as tough as anyone I had ever met. You were looking for a fight and always won !
you were one of the most handsome boys I ever saw and my girlfriends were totally in love with you. You would whip anyone that messed with me and I was never afraid when you were there. I am always proud when someone says your name. You are my big brother and I love you.

I was remembering the day that he met my husband. He stood toe to toe with him and looked him dead in the eyes and said...If you ever hurt her....Every day that you leave your house....I will be outside...And every day...I will whip your A** ! (smile)

Now thats a good brother :)

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