Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catching up after the fire :)

Hello everyone :) I finally got settled into a rental house and rental furniture...its my...rental life ! Got to make a scrapbook page of that. We had a fire for those of you who didnt know on Jan 2nd. I have had a very hard time dealing with the mistake and my son has been very tramatized by the whole ordeal. He is four and I know he will recover but it is very hard to watch him suffer because of a stupid mistake that I made.
I got settled enough today that I made myself a little corner to scrapbook.
I have to admit that I miss very badly my home and my scrapbook room.
My husband has teased me that I have no thought of what the kitchen will look like. What cabinets will I get ? What tile on the floor ? What kind of stove ? These are choices I have to make soon....and many others...but I can get very excited when I think of the rebuilding of my scrapbook room. How will I store my ribbon this time ? What system could I add for storing my punches and paper ? I can get excited about that !!! Who cares about the kitchen. Mike cooks more there than me and I guess the pun to that joke wonder...I cant manage to remember to turn the stove off :(
It will all work out good I am sure later. I read back thru my journalling from last June when I had my hysterectomy and I hear in my voice that I was miserable and thought that I would never get thru that horrible time either..... But I did. The point of my thought is.....This too shall pass :)

So this page is the 150,000 dollar page !

This is the page that lay on my table in the scrapbook room. This is the photos that were coming out of the printer that had my attention when I sat back down and forgot the grease I put on to fix Mikey some fries. This page was laying on my scrapbook table when I went back into the house later after
the fire was gone and the smoke had settled.
Today I finally got things settled enough to set back in front of this page and finish it. I put together a make shift scrapbooking corner in the rental house and I must admit that I really really miss my scrapbook room.

There are more photos of the house fire and construction on my flickr page.

This is the sketch that Pamela over at Pamela's World of Scrap did and the page is long since overdue But for 150,000 dollars and three or four months of our lives out of our home....I wanted to finish it. LOL

I also wanted to share my kit that I won for my scrapbook page over at
This was the first ever prize that I won for a contest and I was so thrilled when it came in the mail. The house burnt on Jan 2 and I got this package on my side porch on the 8th. I went up to the house to check things out and when I saw it setting there against the front door it made me so happy. Paper that doesnt smell like fire :) I sat in the cold snow on the porch and opened it up and just felt so happy for the few minutes that I escaped into the world in my head where my house was not in total chaos and my things were not ruined and my kitchen was not made me happy.
I cant wait to use it later tonight to make a page using the loot.
 I will post it here later.
Thank you Liz for your sketches at the Scrappiest and thank you for choosing my page. God must have known that I was going to need this little box of goodies when he led you to choose my
page a week before as the winner.
This is the page that won.

and this is the big ole spread of things that came in my box from Liz for winning the challenge.
Let me just say that Liz knows how to give some seriously good stuff away :)
So be sure to go join in on her site at the scrappiest.

2 strands of ribbon, one brown and one teal
AMM Expressions Word metal strips by All my Memories
Spring Fling Collection Shapes by
Spring fling collection, green lace shaped paper
a small sheet of pink lined photo mat paper with a note from Liz on the back
Lets Pretend Caterpillar green Itsy Bitsy Blings
Pink Paislee holly doodle sheet of alphabet stickers
KI memories pop culture flower child socialite paper
daisyd's Rub on transfer sheet
5 sheets of beautiful Spring Fling Paper
1 large 12x12 swirly whirlie chipboard accents with 18 nice rusty pickle chipboard pieces

Thanks Liz -Wendy


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