Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My template made it to Home Shopping Network tonight !!!!

Okay I watched my spinner template from Hot off the Press on air tonight. It was in the amazing Hot off the Press Family & Heritage kit on Home Shopping Network and I gotta tell ya...it was nerve-racking !!!

 I thought I would pass out while Holly Fossen was on air. She did so awesome...of coarse...she never seems nervous to me and how calm she is...somehow makes me nervous...lol....I am watching her thinking that she is gonna fall down or something stupid...she never does...she is always spot on and does an amazing job but I still get all stressed. Even when she isnt selling things that I designed :) hehe

I wanted to just kinda say my thank you's to Paulette Jarvey and Hot off the Press and Holly Fossen for this huge opportunity. What an amazing company and what an amazing thrill for
this little gal from West Virgina :)

 You can watch the Youtube Video here where they showed it tonight on HSN and I filmed it with my phone...Hehe...You can hear me gasp when she says my name at the end...lol

She says Hello to my friend Kelly too...She was so excited :)

Thank You Paulette, Thank you Holly !!!


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