Sunday, January 10, 2010

Home shopping network will air my spinner template on Tuesday Jan 12th !!!

Sorry that I have been missing in action this week. We had a house fire this week and things have been very stressful. Its funny how the things you dont even realize you will miss !

I will be back up and going again after tomorrow. The AmeriKleen people will be here to start putting us back together. Looks like we are in for about two to four months out of the house :(  On the bright side of this horrible mess....We will be redoing the scrapbook room while under we will be posting photos of the progress here. That part distracts me from the huge void that we used to call a kitchen :(

Be sure and Check out the HOTP Scrapbook Spinner Template online airing of the new template I designed !!! Holly Fossen will be showing it :) Go Holly

It will air on HSN on Tuesday beginning sometime after midnight during the scrapbook shows. They are having some really great buys and the template will be sold in a nice heritage kit with some HOTP dazzle stickers and a disk comes in the kit with 5000 ephemera clip arts and I can tell you now that 19.95 is a great buy on it so please be sure to check it out :)

This is Holly

Here is a close up of the template in case you havent see it yet. You can purchase it here too from
Hot Off the Press or

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